Summer Style

Sorry everyone! I've been having internet connectivity problems today. I've finally got my internet back and now you have Your Week in Fashion!

This is a "whatever week". I have one theme this week. "It's hot and humid, stick by the air conditioner". So here's this week's collection!

Summer Style 1
Is this blue? It wasn't supposed to be blue. This was supposed to be more a peacock color. I've been told I do a lot of blue, so I'm trying to do more of other colors. I'm trying!

Summer Style 2
See? No blue here! I'm getting better!
Summer Style 3
And you can't call this blue, either! White with touches of palest grey.

Summer Style 4
Hey, I'm doing pretty well here! Soft peachy tones with white!
Summer Style 5
Okay, so maybe I do this a lot, but it's not blue!
Summer Style 6
Yes, there's blue here. BUT, there's also this true red and white, too!
Summer Style 7
Do we have to count the denim as blue? This is really a red outfit!
Summer Style 8
Okay, I admit, this one is blue. But it's really a great outfit!

And now you have eight ways to survive a hot humid week! And for the most part, you can do it in colors other than blue!

See you tomorrow for a peek at a serene bathroom. Enjoy your Tuesday!
Judi and Blue Cat