Summer Heat is No Excuse for Sloppy


It's tempting isn't it? When the heat and the humidity get so high that all you want to do is sit in a cool pool with a tiny bikini or nothing at all, but you have to put on clothes and go somewhere. You throw on a t-shirt and a pair of denim cut-offs. Slip into a pair of flip-flops and hope no one sees you. Did I nail it? I hope not, but just in case I did...

This takes no more effort, and you won't be embarassed when you run into the town gossip at the grocery store.

Summer Casual 1
Yes, it's still a t-shirt and denim shorts, but it's pulled together with color coordinated items that won't have you blushing, except when the good looking guy holding the door for you tells you how great you look!

Summer Casual 2
Yup! Another t-shirt and denim shorts outfit. In fact, these are all t-shirts over denim shorts outfits today. You can have the comfort of your favorite clothes without looking sloppy if you just take 5 seconds to pull it together! Haven't washed your hair? Top it off with a matching ball cap. If your hair is long, pull the ponytail through the hole in back of the cap!

Summer Casual 3
Gray denim and black cotton are perfect for adding color in your accessories!

Summer Casual 4
If your tee is pink, then use nude tones for your accessories. The combination is always an easy one. And rosegold is another easy addition.

Summer Casual 5
The soft blue of really faded denim with shades of soft green makes for a really soothing look. Cool looking even if you feel like you're wilting from the heat!

Summer Casual 6
When you've got an anchor on your shirt and such snazzy accessories as these, no one is going to challenge your ability to beat the heat!

Summer Casual 7
And the always crisp looking combination of light blue and white does it for this one. Add in a few tropical flowers and you've got it made in the shade!

Summer Casual 8
Now, this outfit is just too awesome to wilt in the heat and humidity. It practically begs to get out there and find someplace with cool drinks and some hot music to move to!

Well, where ever you have to go or do in this heat and humidity, don't let anyone put you to the blush for looking sloppy. Take those 5 seconds more to pull it together and look stylin'!

Stay cool!
Judi and the Blue Cat (and Spooky Girl, too!)