Review: Her Wanton Wager by Grace Callaway

Her Wanton Wager Her Wanton Wager by Grace Callaway
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GoodReads Summary:

An Heiress on a Mission…

After two failed Seasons, Persephone Fines has vowed to reform her hoydenish ways. But when her beloved brother falls into the clutches of wicked gamester Gavin Hunt, she must take action. Hunt offers her a shocking proposition: he will release her brother… if she can resist six nights of seduction. Can she withstand the passion of her deepest fantasies in order to save her family?

A Rogue Trapped in the Past…

A product of London’s violent stews, Gavin Hunt has clawed his way to success and power. Now he will stop at nothing to achieve his life-long goal: revenge upon the man who betrayed him. He plans to seduce his enemy’s sister… but never counts on losing his heart. Will he give up his need for vengeance—or lose the only woman he’s ever loved?

From Six Nights to Forever…

As seduction flares into uncontrollable desire, Gavin and Percy must also battle a hidden enemy. Only by trusting one another can they defeat the threats of past and present. In this high-stakes game of love versus sin, what will be the outcome of… Her Wanton Wager?

My Review:

I can understand a young woman wanting to help out her brother when he's gotten into trouble. Even doing something a bit on the risky side. But ignoring the fact that her brother was simply getting in deeper and deeper with the gambling while she was happily falling in love with his first debtor - what a fool! I just couldn't get that out of my head the whole time I was reading this book. She had a bet with the guy her brother owed. And he didn't just owe money, he owed the shares of their late father's business. Danger signs everywhere in this book. Her brother was SO scared of this guy, he was hiding in the worst part of town. This should have told her something about the nature of this guy. No. She goes to his place and makes this bet with him. Then for six nights she goes out with him. Waltzing around London town at balls and Covent Gardens. And I do literally mean waltzing. She falls for him, more and more. Of course, this IS a romance. Well, I leave it to you to decide if you want to read it or not. It just didn't make sense to me for such a great "Bad Boy" like him to waste himself on such a dumb broad as her. Personally I would have left her and her brother to their luck with the other gambling houses and found a smarter girl.

I purchased this book on BookBub (Amazon) for nothing. The opinions are fully my own.

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