Finding Fire by Mallory Crowe

27985651      Finding Fire by Mallory Crowe
GoodReads Summary:

She knew they existed. But now the truth is more terrifying than she realized.

When Anna sets out to discover the truth behind the tragedy she witnessed, she's unprepared to uncover a world of danger and mystery. As she comes face-to-face with a vengeful, but sexy and intoxicating vampire that proves she was right all along, she realizes that there's a fine line between myth and reality.

Nicolas has no patience for meddling and annoying mortals. After realizing that Anna just might have the answers he's been searching for, Nick decides to use Anna for his own personal gain, putting her fragile life on the line. However, as her calming and irresistible presence overcomes him, Nick is forced to choose between revenge for the past and allowing Anna to be the light in his darkness. But can he find a way to have both?

My Review:
The idea of this story was good and the characters were good conceptually. But, I don't think what the author had in his head got onto the paper. The characters weren't well fleshed out. There were too many gaps in their back stories. Even when the explanations came for things, they were incomplete. If the back stories had been filled in more solidly, I think the story would have felt more cohesive to me. Instead, it felt a bit sketchy and disappointing. This was a first book for this author.

I acquired this book from BookBub (Amazon) for nothing. The opinions are fully my own.
Judi E. Easley