14 Bright Looks to Energize Your Summer!

Fourteen, yup, fourteen looks this week. I got a bit carried away and I had lots of items to work with this week, too! So I just kept putting outfits together. Hey, the more, the merrier! So let's see how bright these are and how you are going to take my ideas and make them out of your closet.

Summer Brights 1

All shades of true red.
Summer Brights 10
White jeans set off brights quite well. And aren't these shoes funky fun?! Wish I could still wear heels! I love these ! They are over the top with the yellow animal print and coral trim!

Summer Brights 2
White capris are just as good as white jeans. I love all the firey color in the tote!
Summer Brights 3
Just like a slice of sunshine!

Summer Brights 5
Pretty emerald green and some red tossed in for fun!

Summer Brights 14

Summer Brights 4
White makes brights look crisp, but black makes them pop!

Summer Brights 12
This slice of lime makes it tart and juicy!

Summer Brights 6
Fresh as the sea!
Summer Brights 11
Brights, patterns and stripes, modern and trendy.

Summer Brights 7
A tall drink of cool water and a flash of true red!
Summer Brights 9
There's that modern trend again, brights with stripes!
Summer Brights 8
You didn't miss it here, did you? I know it's a bit subtle, but I know you're pretty sharp, too. AND, you know how much I love stripes of any kind. So, I didn't think I'd need to mention it.

Summer Brights 13
Wow, is this fun, or what? And I love these shoes! If they were really flatforms, I could wear them!

Okay, if you've been around my blog for any time, you know what to do next. If you're new to the blog, I'll tell you what comes next and why there is no shopping information on any of these items.

I'm not providing you with a shopping guide for these outfits. These are my ideas and my style. I'm not going to give you the information to go out and buy outfits so that you can look like me! What's the point in that? You want to look like you, right? I'm giving you ideas about how to put together things so that you can look through your closet and put things together to get a certain look, not a certain outfit. That's what style is all about. You do it your way. You put your own twist on things.

Let's take the outfit with the white jeans and orange-yellow tank top. You are going to a BBQ. You don't want to be toddling around in those funky heels and you aren't a heels person anyway. You wear sneakers most of the time. Okay - presto! Sneakers. You don't like leather handbags. They are too heavy and they cost too much. Presto! A great fabric tote! You like simple earrings. Okay - presto! Simple yellow and coral earrings! Your take on my outfit.

presto change-o

So, that's why you won't see shopping info on my blog. This is what's out there done in my style. This is how I interpret it. Now, how will you do it your style? As the "late, great" said, Fashion is what happens four times a year, style is what you do with it. So, here are my ideas. Go style them your way!

See you all tomorrow for a peek at a home office look. No, not mine. Mine's being moved (again) and painted. Once it's done, I'll share photos. Happy Tuesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat