Review: The Amalfitano's Bold Abduction

The Amalfitano's Bold Abduction The Amalfitano's Bold Abduction by Jennifer Blake
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GoodReads Summary:
Dana Marsden's first mistake is stopping on the fog-shrouded Amalfi Coast road to help clear a traffic jam. Her second is rescuing the valuable cat that appears out of the mist. And the third? Trusting the handsome Italian who comes to her aid when her rental car plunges over a cliff in what may not have been an accident.

Since the American police officer refuses to believe she's in danger, Andrea Tonello sees only one option: spirit her away to the safety of his private island. 
But who's going to protect him from one mad, independent lady when Dana discovers what he's done?

My Review:
She's a police officer when she's at home. When she's on vacation, she's just another uptight, American bimbo looking for a romance with a rich Italian playboy. And she finds one. She finds a well bred cat with family problems, too. The story was okay as long as you could suspend your need for some reality. Even a 5 year old wouldn't get into the playboy's helicopter with him on the flimsy excuses this guy came up with. They'd be screaming for the polizia and not budging until they saw some identification! She seems to have none of the instincts of a police officer at all. The love story was pretty and the sex was good. But the reality part of it was missing. Sorry, but I think I'll give the first two books in this series a miss. Book #1 is The Tuscan's Revenge Wedding and Book #2 is The Venetian's Daring Seduction.

I acquired this from BookBub (Amazon) for nothing. I use the GoodReads Summary of the book, but the Review of the book is fully my own opinion.

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