Off to Paradise! Anyone ready for a Summer Cruise?


Whether you're actually going on a cruise or just taking a tropical vacation, you need a certain type of wardrobe. Pieces you can pull together and mix and match easily. So let's try to put a wardrobe together that will pack easily and work for a week at sea.

Cruise the Seas
Let's set our color scheme for the week with this outfit. A maxidress in tan and dark blue. Shoes in tan. Bag in bright blue. Earrings in a rainbow color scheme for a splash of real color. And dark navy blue sunnies in a great new shape. I think this is a theme we can work with quite easily. It won't show drips of coffee or tropical drinks, either. The animal print in this dress keeps it in the vacation mood. Add a lightweight sweater in navy or a denim jacket for the cool nights at sea.

Cruise the Seas 2
Tan shorts and a floral print top that can be pulled to off-the-shoulder if you want. Tan espadrilles brushed with a metallic finish. A navy and tan woven tote bag. The same rainbow earrings and the same sunnies. Great for going shopping ashore.

Cruise the Seas 3
Cropped linen rolled trousers and a navy print tunic with a handkerchief hem. The same espadrilles and striped tote. The same sunnies. A new pair of rainbow earrings that sort of look like fireworks. This is definitely a great outfit for sightseeing.

Cruise the Seas 4
Cream shorts with a tie waist and dark blue and tan striped top with 3/4 sleeve. A scarf to tame hair on the boat ride to shore or to wrap with if it gets a bit cool on the ride back to the boat later. Same tote, sunnies and espadrille. A different pair of rainbow earrings. Another great shopping outfit. Or just sit in the shade and read a good book.

Cruise the Seas 5
Blue and white striped midi length dress. The original pair of tan shoes and the blue clutch from the original outfit. The same sunnies we've had all through our trip. And the rainbow earrings that look a bit like fireworks. A great dress to wear when the band is playing lots of good dance music.

Cruise the Seas 6
A blue and white floral print maxiskirt and a white blouse. The same shoes and clutch as in the previous outfit. Our usual sunnies. And the earrings from the last shorts outfit. See how our accessories are mixing and matching with what we've got for clothes? Saves space and makes getting dressed so easy. You have better things to do on a cruise than spend time trying to choose what to wear.

Cruise the Seas 7
A comfy pair of highwaisted denim shorts and a creamy off-the-shoulder laced edged top. The accessories should be familiar by now.

Cruise the Seas 8
A tan bathingsuit and a navy and tan kimono cover up. Oh my, a new pair of shoes! Tan flip flops! Are you surprised?

Well, do you have your tickets for your vacation destination, yet? I know you're all packed. So bon voyage! Take some pictures and send me one!

That's it for Tuesday and Your Week in Fashion! I'm reading an ARC about Queen Victoria. It's quite interesting reading. I can't release my review of the book until the book is published later in the fall. But Friday, I have a review on a book I just read that I enjoyed called The Train Station Bride by Holly Bush. Check out my review and you might find yourself checking out the book.
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