LIGHTBULB! I just got an idea...

I haven't done it before, but a lot of fashion bloggers do it as their regular post on a daily basis. They get dressed and either take their own photos or have a photog take them. Well, I'm no good with selfies and I don't have a photog. So, I haven't really given a thought to doing "ootd" type posts. Well, I also don't really use models in my posts on a regular basis either. For some reason it just popped into my head that I could do an "ootd" post my style. That's the way I do everything else, so why not? So, my "ootd" post is what I am wearing today only interpreted with what is available on Polyvore. For instance, this first post is a pair of ivory cropped pants with a blue and cream 3/4 sleeve top. They are worn with tan leather sandals and blue earrings. There is no handbag, because I am working from home and it's not needed. That description could very well describe what I am wearing. The print in my top is different, but similar. My sandals are actually a bronze color, but the same style. And my earrings are similar, but different. Get the picture? So, now I can do "OOTD" posts! Let's see how it works, okay? Let me know what you think. If you don't let me know, then you leave it up to me to continue or not.

Judi and the Blue Cat
P.S. My outfit has gray cat hair on it as well, which my posts won't have.