How do you like your denim shorts?


Hemmed, Frayed, Cuffed, Distressed?
Denim shorts started life as torn off jeans. I remember trying so hard to get them even and ending up with very short shorts. I think that's how that fad got started! Nowadays, we wear our denim any way we want to. We cut and fringe them. We hem them. We cuff them. We even beat and cut them until they are practically rags. That's called distressed in polite company. I've got a whole week's worth of denim shorts looks for you to see and get ideas from. So let's get started!

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 1
Here the denim is overalls and distressed, cuffed and frayed. I like my shorts a bit longer, so I'd probably uncuff them. But I do like the distressed look on this pair of coveralls. They haven't gone too far so that you are only wearing threads holding together bits of fabric.

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 2
This pair of shorts are unhemmed. This is new this season. The hem is taken out and it's all ironed down flat and worn thready and sometimes uneven. I have mixed feelings about this look. This pair of shorts is neat and tidy, but other looks are less so and not to my liking.

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 3
Another overalls look. This pair also distressed and cuffed. This pair is a bit longer than the other look. The distressing is done a bit differently, in isolated areas. I think I like the distressing on the other pair better. I like it when it looks like it might have happened due to real wear rather then fashionable application.

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 4
This pair of shorts is cut long. Done in a dark wash and actually hemmed completely. I see no signs of distressing on them. Usually you get a more formal look with a dark wash.

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 5
Upside down? The hem of this pair is cuffed up, but the waist is frayed! I think this a really cute look. These are also distressed a bit, but not much. They have whiskering as well. The tied paper bag waist is what really makes these so appealing.

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 6
Hmmmm, an almost dark wash hemmed and distressed. What will we think of next? I do like the cut of these, though. Not too short.

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 7
I see no signs of distress on these, which I find a bit unusual for this season. The hems are turned up as if cuffed, but they are raw edged rather than hemmed. I don't think I've seen two pair of shorts done the same way. I think this season may be a free for all for denim shorts!

Hemmed, Cuffed, Frayed or Distressed 8
Palest blue denim shorts, no distressing that I can see. Cuffed so no raw edges show. Long. Yup. I was correct. It's a free for all when it comes to how to wear denim shorts this summer. Do as you please!
So, how will you wear your denim shorts?

Hope you're enjoying my ootd each weekday. There's more to come as the week goes on, so keep dropping in to see what's new on Blue Cat Review.

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