Honeymoon for One by Lily Zante

I do a lot of reading, and I thought you might like to read some of my book reviews. I typically don't do long, involved reviews or do a lot of summarizing of the story. GoodReads gives a summary, which I will use. I'll give you my opinion on the book, whether I thought it was worth reading or not. I really like to read series, so usually I'll review the first book and let you know if I'm going on to the rest of the series. If I come across a dud in a series, I'll let you know that, too. So, here is one of my recent books and the review I posted on GoodReads.

17935338Honeymoon for One
Author: Lily Zante Published May 2013 http://www.lilyzante.com/books/honeymoon-series/honeymoon-for-one

Book Summary by GoodReads:

Ava Ramirez has known happier days.
Suffering from fever and all alone at home on New Year's Eve, she is unceremoniously dumped by her fiance just six weeks before their Valentines Day wedding.
But instead of falling to pieces, Ava is surprised to find that she is more relieved than upset by this recent turn of events. So much so that she cancels all the wedding arrangements she had painstakingly made over the past year. All except for one.
She decides to go on her honeymoon anyway. Alone.
Hoping to find inner peace and a clarity of mind with her solo trip to Italy, Ava is even more surprised to find herself drawn into yet another romantic encounter with the mysterious Nico.
But is she ready to handle even more heartbreak so soon?
My Review:
This book was quite good!

A bride dumped just weeks before her wedding, goes on the honeymoon by herself. Well, why the heck not?!

She takes a vacation to get away from her problems for awhile. It's already paid for, and all she has to do is go and have a great time. Right?

Well, she could if the airline hadn't started things off on the wrong foot by leaving her luggage back at the other airport when she changed planes, so that she landed in beautiful Italy with only the clothes she's wearing. At least the hotel was good enough to send a driver to pick her up, so she can get some sleep. Can't she? Didn't they? What's really going on on this vacation? And who are these people?

Read this first book and find out! I think I'll go get the second book and find out what happens next in The Honeymoon Series. 

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Something I'm going to develop for my reviews is a thermometer, so you'll know how hot the book is. I read a lot of romances and paranormal stuff. There's a lot of sex involved. I'll use the thermometer to let you know just how hot each of these books is, in my opinion. There is sex in this book, but it's not outrageously steamy.