Complimenting the Giraffe

Animal Prints - Giraffe

This is a contest entry for one of the groups I belong to on Polyvore. The theme is Animal Prints, ya' think? Not too many of the entries went with the typical leopard, tiger or zebra theme. There is a wide range of animals represented in this contest. I had this giraffe picture I wanted to use, so that's why I went with giraffe. I love the way giraffes move and the way their coloring looks in the sun. If you have ever seen them up close, you know what I mean. Their coloring changes in the sun, it's not a flat color. It's highlighted just as much as yours or mine. Well, maybe not as much as mine, since I have teal, blue and purple in mine. But there are all shades of gold and brown in their fur, which is short. Then they have the white and cream fur. They really are the most amazing animals.
I'm sure you've heard the saying that imitation is the best form of compliment? Well, here we have imitation giraffe print on the chair and pillow. Then I've blended in another couple prints in the other throw pillows. I keep things light and airy with shiny surfaces in the glass and ceramics as well as the floor lamp. There won't be any sign of the "dark continent" in this room. You may be sure of that. This will be a room filled with light and laughter, because this will be a comfortable room that people will gravitate to easily.