Another Change I Have Made Here...Please, Let Me Know What You Think!

I finally smartened up, I think! I hope! I have taken the Google+ Comments off my blog. You no longer have to have a Google+ Profile to leave me a comment. Any of my followers may leave me a comment. And I would really love to hear from you about the changes I have made lately. Which ones do you like? Which ones don't  you like? What would you like to see that I have done in the past that you might want to see again? Suggestions? Requests? Just say hi! I've had so much fun these past two weeks with the changes I've been making and getting things ready for the rest of the summer and (yes) planning into the fall. I was checking all the settings for the blog and when I hit the comments settings, I finally realized that those settings might be a stumbling block. The one that I've been looking to fix all along. I hope it's the one that will fix what I see as my biggest problem on the blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Judi and the Blue Cat