8 Summer Looks to Make You Think "Cool"!


Dressing in cool colors when it's hot is always a good idea. During the "dog days" of August, it may not be enough without air conditioning, but in the early days of summer, it can be a big help. Dress cool and set your mind to cool!

Cool Color for Hot Weather 1
A slip dress in cool aqua print and a little white sweater with a crocheted edge to keep off the air conditioned chill. Almost nothing sandals in the same cool aqua. A crossover bag in lucious melon. Sunnies in that cool aqua, too! Pretty beaded earrings in aqua and melon to blend the two.

Cool Color for Hot Weather 2
Teal is just another shade of blue. So here it is in a floral off-the-shoulder top with highwaisted denim shorts. Pretty aqua flatform sandals and a woven bag keep the look cool. Dark teal sunnies for a little bit of drama. And pretty dangley boho style earrings to go with it all.
Flatforms are for when you want the height without the high heel. 

Cool Color for Hot Weather 3
Pretty sky blue shorts and a cool white top. Toss a cropped denim jacket over your shoulders to keep off the air conditioning as needed. Pretty blue almost not there sandals and a woven daisy bag add so much to the look. Pretty pale blue earrings (ear climbers) finish the look.

Cool Color for Hot Weather 4
Long aqua shorts and a pale floral short sleeved blouse make a pretty cool combination. Strappy nude sandals and an aqua handbag keep the pretty and feminine going. These sandals are heels, but pretty flats would work as well. Cool blue and silver sunglasses add to the cool aspect. Pretty aqua and pastel earrings definitely add to the feminine.

Cool Color for Hot Weather 5
A pretty print maxiskirt and a light blue off-the-shoulder blouse are a cool, crisp duo. Flat, strappy, white sandals make that cool head to toe. A slice of lime clutch with blue and white straps adds a pop of color, but won't turn up the heat. Pretty blue sunnies stay cool, too. And barely blue and lime earrings add just a bit more color.
Off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops are everywhere this summer. If you shop wisely, you can find ones that will give you coverage and uncover in just the ways you want. This is not the type of top to buy without trying on.

Cool Color for Hot Weather 6
Blue and white stripes in off-the-shoulder cotton will already be cool. Add pretty strappy sandals in light blue and it gets cooler. A handbag and sunnies in black add drama. A white Panama hat with a blue ribbon band and pretty blue dangle earrings add sass!

Cool Color for Hot Weather 7
Tiny blue and white stripes on a midi length wrap dress look great with color blocked shoes of pink and blues. Add a pink floral bag and pretty pink sunnies for the color, and pink and blue earrings for the shine!

Cool Color for Hot Weather 8
A tulip print maxi skirt and a light blue off-the-shoulder top make a pretty, cool combo. Dark blue and gold sandals add some drama. The paint splatter bag adds a bit of the artsy look. Pretty blue sunnies and light blue earrings just make it all bluer!

So are you looking through your closet for all your cool blue clothes for the coming hot weather? You may not be able to beat the heat with color all summer long, but you can think cooler and look cooler with your cool colors. That should be worth a few degrees at least!

See you Thursday for some black and white digital art! Enjoy your week and dress cooler! Be sure to answer the question after the post!

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