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ootd 6/30/2016

What is more beautiful than a sea of water with a number of white-winged boats skirting its surface? Poetry and beauty contesting with the wind and the waves! ~ George Matthew Adams

minimalism - clarity and simplicity rather than emptiness

ootd 6/28/2016

Off to Paradise! Anyone ready for a Summer Cruise?

ootd 6/27/2016

Review: The Amalfitano's Bold Abduction

Her Sanctuary by Toni Anderson

ootd 6/23/2016

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude. ~ Jeanne Moreau

Another Change I Have Made Here...Please, Let Me Know What You Think!

ootd 6/21/2016

ootd 6/22/2016

Beach Breezy

Summer Whites Six Ways

ootd 6/20/2016

The Illegal Gardener by Sara Alexi