May Flowers are Here!


Eight ways to do May Flowers!

May Flowers 1

Bright flowers cover this maxidress. Add yellow and green accessories and you're blooming!

May Flowers 2

A totally different look. Soft pink and gray on ivory with silvery gray and soft pink accessories creates a very ladylike look.

May Flowers 3

Stripes and flowers welcome polka dots in this B&W and red look.

May Flowers 4

This gorgeous floral top sets the tone for the outfit with its soft greens and bright rosey tones.

May Flowers 5

And going to the other end of the spectrum, here's the black outfit with flowers!

May Flowers 6

The trendy slip dress brings in all the pretty flowers you could possibly need in one outfit!

May FLowers 7

This is orange being subtle and classy.

May Flowers 8

Kicking up your heels in these pretty floral sandals!

Whether you do it with a large item like a dress, or you do it with a small item like shoes, toss some May Flowers into your wardrobe right now!

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