1 through 8, the Shorts List


The weatherman keeps promising us Spring weather, so I'm just going ahead with the style forecast as if I believe her. So this week, I have 8 outfits based on spring shorts looks for you. Take a look and see what you think.
Spring Shorts 1
Pale yellow and sky blue with stars and clouds makes for a fun and casual spring look. This doesn't show a cardi or jacket, but in the spring you almost always have to have something handy. Maybe even a raincoat for those spring showers that green up the grass and bring on those lovely spring and summer flower shows. So no matter what you're wearing underneath, always have something with you for an added layer until the truly hot weather gets here.

Spring Shorts 2
Mixing stripes and flowers has become almost a standard these days instead of the edgy look it was just a few seasons ago.

Spring Shorts 3
A longer denim jacket here makes a great look with the crocheted top and pretty flowered shorts. The matte finish on the sunnies seem to be a trend we're seeing this spring and summer.

Spring Shorts 4
Cold-shoulder tops and bombers jackets are a great pairing for the spring. We'll be seeing a lot of flatforms this spring and summer. The look is great for sandals.

Spring Shorts 5
Denim tops with anything and everything, of course. You will see gladiator sandals this season, but they won't be styling them all the way up the leg this time around according to a post in WhoWearWhat recently. I hope they are right, and they usually are.

Spring Shorts 6
Pink and green is always such a pretty, feminine combination. The top and bottom are from the same line. Top them with the large plaid top to break up all the matchiness, but still give you the match to work with. Then throwing in another floral print on the clutch makes things really jazzy.
Spring Shorts 7
This is the outfit I want. It looks so cool and sleek and comfortable. I just can't resist it.

Spring Shorts 8
I might have to have this one, too. I just love that coral off-the-shoulder top!

So, is your wardrobe ready to get short? Try out some of these combinations and see how your spring is going! Which one is your favorite?

See you Thursday with the art!
Judi and the Blue Cat