Get the Style, Not the Fashion!


Have you ever found a designer's line that you really liked and knew you just couldn't afford to wear it? So, how do you get that look without buying the fashion? I was looking at various lines from Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear and liked Electric Feathers' look. It flows without being sloppy and looks fun. Then I was on Etsy and found a shop that makes very similar styles, xiaolizi. The prices were much more reasonable than the designer prices, of course. Then I got busy on Polyvore looking for pieces that could make up similar outfits. It wasn't easy to come up with the bottom pieces because they have a rather distinct style, but I did my best. Hope you enjoy what I came up with. I thought it was a fun style and wanted to share it with you!
Electric Feathers Ready-to-Wear Spring 2016

First of all, here is Electric Feathers' line of Ready-to-Wear for Spring 2016. See how wonderfully the styles move and the shapes are so fun!
xiaolizi on Etsy

Then there were the styles in the Etsy shop, xiaolizi. I thought the shapes were very similar to those in Electric Feathers' line. And of course, at a fraction of the price and a wider color selection.

YWinF14 EF

This skirt has the fitted waist and full skirt that would have wonderful movement. As I was choosing a top for this, I just couldn't decide which one I really liked the best, so I provided the Top Options. Any one of the tops here would work well with the skirt and accessories. It just depends on which style you're more comfortable in.

YWinF14-2 EF

This skirt isn't as full, but it has the wonderful large side pockets and it's made out of linen. The pleats will give it movement as well. This time, I wanted some different looks, so I provided entire changes to go with the skirt. Each one would be a totally different look. The pink floral top and pink accessories with the lavender skirt gives a soft, ladylike look. Change it out with the mint top and lavender shoes, it would be feminine and flirty. Then change it to the B&W stripes and it would a funky, confident look.

YWinF14-3 EF

The gorgeous chiffon print skirt with the bilevel hem would move wonderfully, especially in a spring breeze! Blue velvet shoes and a B&W striped crop top give it a rather artsy look. Change the top to the solid black with the black shoes and character clutch, you get a more fashion conscious look. It really needs large sunglasses, so people will think you're a celebrity hiding behind them. Then change to the blue set with the canvas shoes and long sleeved tee, and you get a more relaxed, casual look, great for browsing through seaside shops!

YWinF14-4 EF

These pants looks so comfortable, but they aren't cut so full as to look baggy and sloppy. The bow at the waist is particularly cute. Denim goes with everything, so we'll start with the denim shirt. All green accessories pull the outfit together and keep it casual and well coordinated without being too matched up. For a very different look, put on the open back ivory top and necklace with green accessories. Much more dressy and feminine. Then try the off-the-shoulder top in blue and pink flowers with the blue heels and flowered clutch. The look changes completely again. Still feminine, but much more approachable and fun.

YWinF14-5 EF

This J Crew skirt has that great fitted waist with the fullness lower down. This is always a very flattering style on a woman. Once again, I give you a formal, buttoned up look with the cold-shoulder blouse and black heeled sandals. Something of a proper look gone naughty. Then switch it for the striped blouse and flat sandals for a more casual look. This is actually the buttoned up look as you can see. Now switch down to the blue striped tee and bright colorful accessories and you have a fun, energetic look.

So, this is how I would try to get a designer's look for myself. Rather I should say this is how I am going to get the designer's look for myself. I really liked the look of the style of Electric Feathers' clothing, but not the prices online. I am considering the items on Etsy at xiaolizi, but first I'm going shopping on Saturday with my daughter, Sarah to see if there's anything locally that might work. I'll have to see if I can get some pictures if I find anything. Maybe Sarah will be my model. We'll see. I'll probably have to bribe her by buying lunch!

So, until Thursday, enjoy your week and keep stylin'!

Judi and the Blue Cat