Do You Hear What I Hear?

In a recent IFB Weekly Newsletter, I read about something that somehow didn't really shock me. I don't know if it's true or not, but I tend to think at least parts of it are.

A blogger posted a selfie of herself wearing a lovely maxidress. The picture got more than 7,500 likes. She was notified that someone was using her photo (headless version) for their own advertising, selling her dress. But what the consumer was receiving was a poorly made knockoff in cheap material that smelled of chemicals. This was all revealed in a recent Buzzfeed investigative report ( They found that a group of fashion companies based in China stole bloggers' photos and used them to create Facebook ads for garments at really cheap prices. But once the consumer receives the item, it looks nothing like what was expected.

I'm sure you've seen their ads on Facebook and around the web. They pop up everywhere. Their names are almost interchangable as is their merchandise. I guess that's because they're all owned by the same person. Their prices are ridiculously low, but I've always worried about their sizing because they are Asian based. I guess there's more to worry about than their sizing!

Bloggers receive solicitations from these well-known on-line companies on a regular basis. Several of them have solicited me in the past, but I have never accepted their offers. This report makes it clear that bloggers and consumers alike should steer clear of these companies and their questionable practices and products. No blogger wants to risk her professional reputation, and no consumer wants their worthless products. The sellers keep posting on Facebook, which says that they "aren't violating their advertising guidelines, so they can't take action against them". "But one on-line marketing expert quoted in the article, Jasmine Griffith, believes Facebook is complicit in accepting money from this scam ring".

This is a "buyer beware" situation if I ever saw one! I won't be advertising their products here on my blog. Though you may see pictures of some products similar to theirs, or in fact theirs in my sets. I am not advertising their products. I am presenting a look, not a product. I will attempt to be careful about their products, but they are quite prolific and it would be extremely difficult to avoid them completely in Polyvore. If anyone gets anymore news about this situation, please feel free to share it with me at