A Stripe is Just a Dot that Went for a Walk!


Y'all know my passion for stripes. Well, here are 8, count them, 8 ways to do stripes this season!
Yipes Stripes 1

Mix and match your stripes this season! Black and navy, black and brown, brown and navy, red and pink, whatever! Mix them up! Lots of white keeps them fresh and crisp.
Yipes Stripes 2

How many ways can you do stripes? Do sandals laced up your ankles and legs count as stripes? Do bracelets count?
Yipes Stripes 3 Stripes don't have to be smooth or all the same color. Or the same size. They can be BIG and rough.

Yipes Stripes 4

Or they can be itty-bitty and smooth.
Yipes Stripes 5

Stripes can be done any way you want to do them. My favorite is a little bit preppy, casual and comfy.
Yipes Stripes 6
Or they can be bright and spiffy!
Yipes Stripes 7
Bold and edgy.
Yipes Stripes 8

Or pretty in pink and prepared for precipitation!

However you do your stripes, have fun in them and know you're lookin' great!

See you Thursday for some digital art!
Judi and the Blue Cat