“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ― Leonardo da Vinci


Today I have pieces that can take you places, at least in your imagination!

Mating Flight
Mating Flight by mrscharley
Anyone into dragons?

Forest fairy
Forest Fairy by Martens
Or maybe owls and fairies?

The Magic of a Blue Moon

The Magic of a Blue Moon
by mrscharley

It's Mrs. to you!
It's Mrs. to You!
by sophisticatedignorance21
I don't think I'd argue with her!

Rainbow Fairy
Rainbow Fairy
by mrscharley
She's the one who shows up just as the rain ends and sprinkles around the rainbows!

Waiting for news
Waiting for News

Hope you enjoyed the display for today! See y'all on Tuesday!

Judi and the Blue Cat

A Stripe is Just a Dot that Went for a Walk!


Y'all know my passion for stripes. Well, here are 8, count them, 8 ways to do stripes this season!
Yipes Stripes 1

Mix and match your stripes this season! Black and navy, black and brown, brown and navy, red and pink, whatever! Mix them up! Lots of white keeps them fresh and crisp.
Yipes Stripes 2

How many ways can you do stripes? Do sandals laced up your ankles and legs count as stripes? Do bracelets count?
Yipes Stripes 3 Stripes don't have to be smooth or all the same color. Or the same size. They can be BIG and rough.

Yipes Stripes 4

Or they can be itty-bitty and smooth.
Yipes Stripes 5

Stripes can be done any way you want to do them. My favorite is a little bit preppy, casual and comfy.
Yipes Stripes 6
Or they can be bright and spiffy!
Yipes Stripes 7
Bold and edgy.
Yipes Stripes 8

Or pretty in pink and prepared for precipitation!

However you do your stripes, have fun in them and know you're lookin' great!

See you Thursday for some digital art!
Judi and the Blue Cat

It's All About the Light!


I have pieces to share with you today that relate to light, whether it is a physical light or it is the theoretical light and dark.

♥....Just Believe....♥
Just Believe by nonniekiss

Who said angels had to wear white?
Who said angels had to wear white? by mrscharley

In the forest...
In the Forest by kateadams-2501
Waiting for Her Prince to Come
Waiting for Her Prince to Come by mrscharley

Three Angels
Three Angels by deniecia

No Bounds
No Bounds by mrscharley

Origami Sunrise
Origami Sunrise by reggiano

Refraction Out of Control
Refraction Out of Control by mrscharley

Well, I hope you enjoyed these choices. Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion!

Judi and the Blue Cat

7 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress


Yup, I took one shirt dress (a light blue one like a men's oxford shirt) and styled it 7 ways! Take a look!
Just a Shirt Dress

Plain and simple with blue shoes and earrings and a pretty yellow bag. A great easy spring or summer look. Just roll up your sleeves and your cooler when the weather warms or if you prefer the look.

Under a Shirt Dress
Tuck a black and white striped sleeveless top under your shirt dress and add striped heeled sandals for a striking look. Stars at your ears and a canvas Chanel bag make for a really chic take on things.

More Under a Shirt Dress
Leave the shirt dress open all the way down over this lovely dark green slip dress. A leaf necklace and heeled green shoes add more class to the look.

Over a Shirt Dress
The mesh booties, pretty sweater and earrings take the blue head to toe over the shirt dress. Break it up with a great white handbag and clear sunnies.

More Over a Shirt Dress
Go darker and brighter with a longer cardi and earrings. Add high suede sandals in the bright blue to kick up your heels in and a light blue suede hobo bag to tame it all.

Wow! Over a Shirt Dress
Take color to the max with a long bright red vest and suede heels! A creamy beige bag helps the colors play nicely. And light blue jewelry keep the focus on the shirt dress.

And Just a Shirt Dress Again!
And living is easy in a shirt dress with pretty floral sneakers, a pink ball cap and light blue back pack. Slip on bright pink sunnies and smile at the world!
Now that's stylin'!

So how do you do a shirt dress?

We'll see you Thursday for digital art!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Do You Hear What I Hear?

In a recent IFB Weekly Newsletter, I read about something that somehow didn't really shock me. I don't know if it's true or not, but I tend to think at least parts of it are.

A blogger posted a selfie of herself wearing a lovely maxidress. The picture got more than 7,500 likes. She was notified that someone was using her photo (headless version) for their own advertising, selling her dress. But what the consumer was receiving was a poorly made knockoff in cheap material that smelled of chemicals. This was all revealed in a recent Buzzfeed investigative report (http://www.buzzfeed.com/sapna/say-no-to-the-dress#.wmAPBwJXo). They found that a group of fashion companies based in China stole bloggers' photos and used them to create Facebook ads for garments at really cheap prices. But once the consumer receives the item, it looks nothing like what was expected.

I'm sure you've seen their ads on Facebook and around the web. They pop up everywhere. Their names are almost interchangable as is their merchandise. I guess that's because they're all owned by the same person. Their prices are ridiculously low, but I've always worried about their sizing because they are Asian based. I guess there's more to worry about than their sizing!

Bloggers receive solicitations from these well-known on-line companies on a regular basis. Several of them have solicited me in the past, but I have never accepted their offers. This report makes it clear that bloggers and consumers alike should steer clear of these companies and their questionable practices and products. No blogger wants to risk her professional reputation, and no consumer wants their worthless products. The sellers keep posting on Facebook, which says that they "aren't violating their advertising guidelines, so they can't take action against them". "But one on-line marketing expert quoted in the article, Jasmine Griffith, believes Facebook is complicit in accepting money from this scam ring".

This is a "buyer beware" situation if I ever saw one! I won't be advertising their products here on my blog. Though you may see pictures of some products similar to theirs, or in fact theirs in my sets. I am not advertising their products. I am presenting a look, not a product. I will attempt to be careful about their products, but they are quite prolific and it would be extremely difficult to avoid them completely in Polyvore. If anyone gets anymore news about this situation, please feel free to share it with me at judieasley@gmail.com.

Where Reality and Fantasy Meet


Again, this week, I have some of my art and some from other artists on Polyvore. I hope you enjoy this presentation.

Equine Osmosis
Equine Osmosis
by hello-there-gabrielle

Primary Color Fantasy
Primary Color Fantasy
by mrscharley

by debraelizabeth

The Color Red
The Color Red
by mrscharley

*my head is a very dark place*
My Head is a Very Dark Place
by karineg

A Mind is a Busy Place
My Mind is a Very Busy Place
by mrscharley

Wild At Heart
Wild at Heart
by mandyruth

Rainbow Inspiration
Rainbow Inspiration
by mrscharley

Destinations Unknown
Destinations Unknown
by dlmusiel

Where Worlds Collide
Where Worlds Collide
by mrscharley

Which piece did you like the best?

Have a great weekend and we'll see you Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Making Your Spring Easy to the Max!


For those of us here in the US, the calendar says Spring, but the forecast says it's not too sure. But I'm going with the calendar. I'm just that way. Just make sure you have an extra layer with you if you need to go anywhere!

So, what I'm looking at this Spring is the long, free and easy skirts and dresses. This week, I have dresses, to the max. Wearing maxi dresses is about the easiest thing you can do. You're totally covered up and don't need a lot of extras to look good. Just one piece head to toe if that's the way you want it. Any extras are just extra styling.

For those of you with upper arms in great shape, you have the sleeveless option. For those like me, you might want more coverage and you have to think of light layers or find the perfect dress. So let's take a look at this week's pieces and see if they work for you.

Easy to the Max!
Easy to the Max 1

A sleeveless abstract zebra print (B&W) shirtdress with a denim jacket tossed over your shoulders or worn unbuttoned. Black strappy heels and a light blue character bag. Large cats eye sunnies and a purse charm (quite the trend!). Black earrings with a blue tint that will sparkle in the sunlight. Sorry the dress looks brown and white, but it really is black and white. Unfortunately that happens in pictures at times. This is a look that could go anywhere!

Easy to the Max 2

A denim dress with 3/4 sleeves and self-tie belt. You could replace the belt with almost any belt in your closet and change the look as you want. Denim is almost a blank slate, but can stand on its own as it does here. All I added was beige and gold open booties and a pale blue hobo bag. Blue chandelier earrings add motion. This is sort of like a pair of jeans and a white tee. Very basic. Changing the belt and other accessories would totally change the look. Even just changing the light blues to dark blues would change it quite a bit. So, if you have the great good luck to find this perfect denim dress, have fun with it. I have to be honest with you, the dress in this picture is  not denim, but silk, by DVF.

Easy to the Max 3

A long slip of bronze-brown jersey and a creamy white 3/4 sleeve blazer. Brown and cream sandals. Black and white hobo sack. And amber and black earrings. This makes for a sophisticated long, lean look. Take off the blazer and add sunnies and a headscarf for a more casual, carefree look.

Easy to the Max 4

Blue and white is always a nice crisp look and usually looks rather nautical as well. But it doesn't have to be as long as you stay away from accessories that bring to mind the sea, like anchors, stars and such. These stripes do cut it close, but you know how much I love stripes with stripes! So that's what we have here. Another long slip of jersey, this time navy blue. With a blue and white striped 3/4 sleeved blazer. Navy strappy heels and a blue and white striped bag. Large navy sunnies and tasseled chandelier earrings for fun! Another look that can be either rather sophisticated or more casual with little changes. And the dress and shoes by candlelight can be positively alluring with diamond earrings! Versatile.

Easy to the Max 5

A black tank dress with two large white chevrons topped with a bomber jacket of white with two darting birds and black net sleeves. Black strappy flat sandals and a black and red bag. Red and black drop earrings add a bit more of the red. A fun look for day or night events or just running errands. Wear the jacket tossed over your shoulders while it's still warm out and when the sun goes down and things cool off, put it on and zip it a bit for more warmth.

Easy to the Max 6

Navy blue and gray stripes, tiny straps, slim fit with pleats down where you need a bit more fullness for ease of movement. That sounds like a really great dress to me! Top it with a short sleeved boxy dark wash denim jacket. Accessories in soft gray and shades of blue.

Easy to the Max 7

A pretty floral print with exotic birds scattered throughout. A bright coral moto jacket to toss over your shoulders. Soft teal perforated clogs for great comfort. A tan bag with lots of colorful fringe. And earrings in soft teal and green to look like more leaves from the dress. Now if that's not easy spring style, nothing is!

So which look is your favorite?

See you Thursday for some great digital art!
Judi and the Blue Cat