Your Week in Fashion - Styling a Rainbow!


Here we are in March and just a few days from the official start of Spring. Of course, today it snowed in my neighborhood, so I don't know how spring-like it's going to be really. But I'm in the mood for spring things. So I've brought you a rainbow of style! I've gone for bold colors for the most part and tried to bring in floral accents to make you think spring as well.

A bright red trapeze dress and floral pumps. Carnation earrings. A floral scarf for the breeze and a camel trench to catch the cold. Add a clutch in luggage tan.

Bright orange in a shirtdress and shiny taupe pumps. An orange bag hangs from a gold chain. Red and orange earrings with a golden accent. A khaki batwing cardigan for the still cool temps and a bright on black floral scarf.

Brightest yellow skater style dress with pretty bell and bow 3/4 sleeves. Slip into bright yellow patent open toe pumps with a chunky heel. A natural white cardigan keeps off the breeze. A white and yellow floral handbag swings from a silver chain. And yellow and pink earrings dangle at your ears.

An olive green shirtdress with a twist waist. A sage green cocoon sweater for warmth when the cool breezes blow. Cute cinnamon colored pointed toe flats with a buckle detail. Tan and gold shoulder bag. Gold leaf earrings.

Deep aqua dress and pumps set the tone. But add the lovely watercolored floral scarf and all bets are off! Deep aqua and gold earrings. Then add a purple handbag for fun!

Faded denim blue in a shirt tail shirtdress. Lovely multicolored pumps give you a wide range of colors to play with. A bright blue and white scarf to tie anyway you wish. A deep bright blue suede handbag. An Army green jacket to stop the chill of the late spring days. And green and blue earrings to pull it together!

And lastly, a bright purple dress with silver buttons at zip pockets and a purple floral scarf. A bright purple and silver handbag with a long shoulder strap. Pretty flower earrings. And bright pink strappy shoes for accent!

So I hope you are in the mood to think Spring now. I know I didn't show any really casual outfits for the weekend, but I'm sure you can handle that without my help. I figure you're all pretty style savvy.

Tell me this. What is your favorite way to dress for the weekend? Are you into designer clothing and dress fairly haute couture? Or are you a casual type and wear jeans and such? Are you a leggings person? Khakis your uniform of choice? Tell me what you wear on the weekends...and pajamas don't count!

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday for The Digital Gallery
Judi and the Blue Cat