Spring has Sprung, Forecast says "Snow!"


One must persevere, even if your pretty spring flowers are about to get covered in snow. Again. First it was the crocuses covered in about 5" of snow. Now, it's the first of the daffodils that are budding up that will get snowed on. Well, spring in New England is unpredictable. But it seems like all the seasons have been unpredictable all across the world lately. The world is uneasy.

By the Shoreline
I liked the dark sky out over the water and the shadows on the beach. It gave it such a nice moody feel. I wanted to break the square frame of it all, so I pulled the beach chair and its shadow outside the box. Can you see the bottle with a message in the waves?

Relaxing in Style
The only thing this had to have was a pair of stilettos, that was the prompt for the day. I got a little carried away, as you can see. I ended up with a split focus here. The silver of the wine glass pulls the eye as does the red of the clutch. Which one wins?

Heaven Lost One of Its Own
I came across this bucket with the daisies and grass and wanted to use it for something. So I started adding more grass and flowers and such. I needed something to shelter in the bucket or near it. Then I came across this little angel and decided she was perfect. I gathered all the birds and bugs around her for protection (and scale). Then I needed a guardian angel who looked like she'd lost something. This one looks like she's at least startled by what she sees. And I can just imagine she would be quite startled finding her baby angel looking a bit sad and lost in the grass surrounded by birds and bugs. Don't you think so?

Flotsam and Jetsam
The prompt for this day was sand dollar. And I love to make beach and ocean related pieces, so I really enjoyed this one and am very pleased with the way it came out. I particularly like the mermaid sitting in the coil of rope looking like she's taking this all in.

The Butterflies Greet the Sun
The prompt for this one was butterfly, singular. As you can see, I got carried away again. A few more than one. I tried to keep it all light and airy and give the suggestion of the bushes and flowers rather than actually put in the real thing. I wanted the focus on light and the butterflies. I think it worked. What do you think?

My Around the World Adventure
The prompt was binoculars. I agonized over what to do for binoculars for a couple of days until I found this background sheet. Once I had that, the rest of it just sort of flowed into the piece. This was fun to do! I love it when there's some whimsy in the work!

A Very Busy Night
This is a catch-up piece. Because I was sick so much of March, I wasn't able to do very much art and I fell way behind on my art group pieces. So I created this piece that covers 19 days in March, from the 12th to the 30th. There are 50 elements in this piece, that is the maximum allowed in Polyvore. The prompts were cookies, wheelbarrow, garden, portal, starfish, rainboots, dragonfly, pot of tulips, window(s), goldfish, a sheep, curtains, an owl, man in the moon, safety pin, tea bag, gnome, nightmare and dream. They are all in here. The whole piece represents a dream. But if this were my dream, it would be a nightmare for being so busy!

I enjoyed sharing my pieces with you this week. I hope you enjoyed seeing them and hearing about them. I'm looking forward to the weekend, inspite of the forecast. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday with Your Week in Fashion.

Judi and the Blue Cat