Skirts to the Max!


We have gotten so good at styling long skirts and dresses, that they have stayed in our wardrobes. We are comfortable in them and with them. So this spring they are showing up again. Here are a few pretty maxi skirts and ways to style them for the coming warmer weather.

This first skirt is palest pink with black embroidery. I paired it with a black cami and sheer black overblouse. I added pale pink wedges and a black and white striped bag with pale pink leather accents. I added more pale pink with floral necklace and earrings. It really is a breath of spring! The other two looks are simple changes of 1) the top with the same shoes and bag, but a change of jewelry; and 2) the matching top and all black accessories.

This second skirt is a lovely pleated lavender. I've tried one of this spring's other trends with it, pajamas for day wear! I added a black print cami and pajama style overblouse. Open toed pumps in purple to black ombre and a lavender bag. Earrings in lavender, silver and black. The other two looks are 1) a white top with gray shoulder detailing and gray suede flats, lavender suede bag and lavender and silver earrings; and 2) a lavender gingham blouse to tie at the waist and roll up the sleeves to pair with light lavender sneakers, floral wallet and pretty purple dangle earrings.

This look in pale yellow looks light enough to float on a breeze! Pale yellow chiffon skirt with a pale yellow cami and cardi. Pale yellow ankle tied flats and white bag plus yellow and taupe earrings add shine. Secondary looks are 1) D&G short sleeved top in this season's print of yellows, greens and blues, a yellow bag, blue and white striped flats and blue and silver earrings; and 2) a crisp white batwing sleeved blouse tied at the waist, yellow flats and white bag with yellow and pink drop earrings for sparkle.

In shades of mint and strong pinks, this skirt has a lovely fullness. I've paired it with a boxy white blouse and a minty cocoon cardi. Dusty mint sandal heels and a green and black clutch add some dressiness to the look. Earrings and a bracelet in pinks and purples bring out more of the lovely flowers in the skirt. The other looks are 1) A crossover  top and an overblouse that ties at the waist in a pretty bow, both in bright pink. Ankle strap flats in pink and a small hobo bag in soft dusty mint. Earrings and bangles in deep pink add a sense of drama to the color scheme. And 2) is the simple mint tee to tuck and blouse at the waist with minty espadrilles, a striped bag in shades of green and earrings in mint and deep pink.

This last look is the most flexible one. It starts with lace and ends with a white tee! A pretty pinky coral pleated skirt and a fitted lady like lace top with a proper high neck. Top it with a sparkling white cardi. Add clear plastic and dusty pink leather pumps and a floral handbag. A swan pin and pretty pearly earrings add more lady like appeal. Look 2) is more casual and playful with a pink sweater sporting its own flowers! Pink ankle boots, a bag with another flower and flowered earrings add to the sense of fun! And the third look is just a white tee tied to the side with pink sneakers and a funky character clutch and sparkly pink earrings! This is styling to the maxi!

So if you have a maxi skirt or two in your wardrobe already, give some thought to how you'll style them now that it's officially spring. If you don't own one, get yourself to the store or to your favorite on-line site and get yourself a couple for the spring and summer. Maxi skirts are not just for dress-up ocassions as you can see. In fact, they actually seem more casual than dressy these days. And they don't have to look boho, either. In fact, I deliberately didn't do any obvious boho looks in this whole posting. It's not my style, so I typically don't show it. There are plenty of other sites that do that.

How will you style your maxi skirts this spring and summer? How many ways can you do one skirt? I like anything I buy to have at least three ways to work into my wardrobe so that I know I have options depending on the weather and my mood. So get out those maxi skirts and style them now to wear as soon as yesterday's snow melts!

See you Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat