Great digital collage display from Art Journal Venue


I've been playing catch-up a bit with my postings to Art Journal Venue (AJV), my online art group. So, I have eight pieces for you this week. I'm trying to get caught up and stay current if not get ahead.  We'll see how time goes this next week!

The Dance of the Butterflies
digital collage, AJV March #3, prompt - music, 48 elements

Whenever I see butterflies flittering around in the sunshine, I think they look like they are dancing, so I think of music.

answers to find...
AJV March #4, prompt - bow(s), digital collage, 25 elements

Somehow using this string bow and ribbon bow, I came up with this rather sad, not empty but hollow feeling piece. I remembered this text that I had saved for quite a while waiting for the right place to use it. This was the right place for it.

Triton's Living Rainbow
AJV March #5, prompt - sea urchin, digital collage, 23 elements

I started with the sea urchin and then started planting a living rainbow of a garden. Then I populated it and set it in motion. This one was really fun to do! I love anything with rainbows!

Did you know the Man in the Moon snores?
AJV March #6, prompt - wind, digital collage, 7 elements

It's been really windy at my house lately, too. But so far the sun, clouds, stars and rainbows are staying in the sky!

Under a Full Moon
AJV March #7, prompt - lightning, digital collage, 10 elements

More than a bit Gothic, but it's really fun to make pieces like this. And how else do you use lightning?

Currently Vacant
AJV Feb #20, prompt - ball of yarn

This is me playing catch-up for last month's prompts! I like to keep the prompt rather subtle in my pieces. Sometimes they blend in colorwise and sometimes they just sort of blend in as something of an afterthought. I know I have to use the prompt, but I usually let the piece built itself once I get started. This piece started with the ball of  yarn and the two mice, but it sort of took off from there.

Where even angels fear to tread...
AJV March #8, prompt - spiderweb, digital collage, 21 elements

This one has such a dark, despairing sense to me. Maybe it's the books I read or the movies I see, but my art seems to have a sort of stark theme to it at times.

A Lady's Correspondence
AJV March #9, prompt - invitation, digital collage, 6 elements plus text (Polyvore doesn't count text as an element)

This one is certainly a reflection of the historical romances I love to read. I've been rereading Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series lately and all the best ladies have correspondence to write at convenient times!

Hope you enjoyed the show and you have a wonderful weekend!
Judi and the Blue Cat