Spring has Sprung, Forecast says "Snow!"


One must persevere, even if your pretty spring flowers are about to get covered in snow. Again. First it was the crocuses covered in about 5" of snow. Now, it's the first of the daffodils that are budding up that will get snowed on. Well, spring in New England is unpredictable. But it seems like all the seasons have been unpredictable all across the world lately. The world is uneasy.

By the Shoreline
I liked the dark sky out over the water and the shadows on the beach. It gave it such a nice moody feel. I wanted to break the square frame of it all, so I pulled the beach chair and its shadow outside the box. Can you see the bottle with a message in the waves?

Relaxing in Style
The only thing this had to have was a pair of stilettos, that was the prompt for the day. I got a little carried away, as you can see. I ended up with a split focus here. The silver of the wine glass pulls the eye as does the red of the clutch. Which one wins?

Heaven Lost One of Its Own
I came across this bucket with the daisies and grass and wanted to use it for something. So I started adding more grass and flowers and such. I needed something to shelter in the bucket or near it. Then I came across this little angel and decided she was perfect. I gathered all the birds and bugs around her for protection (and scale). Then I needed a guardian angel who looked like she'd lost something. This one looks like she's at least startled by what she sees. And I can just imagine she would be quite startled finding her baby angel looking a bit sad and lost in the grass surrounded by birds and bugs. Don't you think so?

Flotsam and Jetsam
The prompt for this day was sand dollar. And I love to make beach and ocean related pieces, so I really enjoyed this one and am very pleased with the way it came out. I particularly like the mermaid sitting in the coil of rope looking like she's taking this all in.

The Butterflies Greet the Sun
The prompt for this one was butterfly, singular. As you can see, I got carried away again. A few more than one. I tried to keep it all light and airy and give the suggestion of the bushes and flowers rather than actually put in the real thing. I wanted the focus on light and the butterflies. I think it worked. What do you think?

My Around the World Adventure
The prompt was binoculars. I agonized over what to do for binoculars for a couple of days until I found this background sheet. Once I had that, the rest of it just sort of flowed into the piece. This was fun to do! I love it when there's some whimsy in the work!

A Very Busy Night
This is a catch-up piece. Because I was sick so much of March, I wasn't able to do very much art and I fell way behind on my art group pieces. So I created this piece that covers 19 days in March, from the 12th to the 30th. There are 50 elements in this piece, that is the maximum allowed in Polyvore. The prompts were cookies, wheelbarrow, garden, portal, starfish, rainboots, dragonfly, pot of tulips, window(s), goldfish, a sheep, curtains, an owl, man in the moon, safety pin, tea bag, gnome, nightmare and dream. They are all in here. The whole piece represents a dream. But if this were my dream, it would be a nightmare for being so busy!

I enjoyed sharing my pieces with you this week. I hope you enjoyed seeing them and hearing about them. I'm looking forward to the weekend, inspite of the forecast. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday with Your Week in Fashion.

Judi and the Blue Cat

Denim Fun for You!


This week I have some casual looks for you in denim. I have white jeans and gray jeans. I have light blue jeans and I have medium blue jeans. So let's see what sort of fun we can have with them!

Light blue jeans with a blue and white print blouse and a medium blue denim jacket. Both have long sleeves to roll! Blue faux suede wedge sandals and a dark green box bag add to the fun! Finish the look with pretty green earrings to sparkle!

White flare jeans with an aqua blouse with polka dots and 3/4 sleeves. A soft gray microsuede jacket looks great tossed over your shoulders. Bright aquamarine suede tied pumps and a pale aqua handbag add more interest and color to the mix! Chandelier earrings in ombre aqua beads add even more fun and color!

Gray and yellow is a great combination! Soft gray jeans and tee topped with a yummy yellow jacket! Add pretty yellow pumps for more color fun! A great black and gold bag adds some color depth to the mix. And yellow and orange earrings add more fun!

Medium blue jeans with an orange sherbert cold-shoulder top and periwinkle blue cardi that ties in front. Orangey open toed ankle booties and a pretty blue handbag keep the fun moving along! Earrings in blue and orange sparkle and sway!

Pale gray jeans, a buttoned up white blouse with the cold shoulder look and a softer than soft pink cardigan. Add pink pumps with clear plastic inserts and a handbag with its own flower garden for fun! Add pretty pink drop earrings for more color!

White flare jeans and a white blazer are perfect with this lovely violet and white striped blouse with its pretty bright birds. Add handbag and mesh ankle booties in the same tone for a bit more color! Violet jade earrings add even more of this lovely shade.

Medium blue jeans, a lovely creamy poet's overblouse and a sweet peppermint pink cropped cardigan. Add pumps in pink-nude and a clutch printed in a pastel map for fun! Bright pink floral earrings add some depth to the color mix.

So, which denim combo is your style? Or is it your vacation week and you can wear them all this week? Jeans don't mean sloppy. Casual doesn't mean no-style. Denim outfits can have just as much style and fun as any of your more fashion conscious outfits. It's all in the way you put them together and how you wear them! So until next time, wear your denim with style and have fun!

See you Thursday with more digital art!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Digital Art to Share from Friends, too!


This week I have some work from friends that I thought was worth sharing with you, that I hope you will enjoy. People's styles vary widely in digital collage just as artists' styles do in any other media.

Mark Twain's Mississippi by bb60477

Spring by skpg

Happy Birthday March Babies by queenrachietemplateaddict

Leap of Faith by lillibunneh

learn to forget by karineg
Original painting: Quiet Sadness by Olga Shvartsur

Good news would be nice by lindafaulkner-adams

Untitled #6473 by splenderellastyle

Walk in the Park by ritadolce

I hope you enjoyed this display of digital collage by some of the artists on Polyvore. This is just a small assortment of the work that is done on Polyvore daily. I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend and will see you on Tuesday next for Your Week in Fashion!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Skirts to the Max!


We have gotten so good at styling long skirts and dresses, that they have stayed in our wardrobes. We are comfortable in them and with them. So this spring they are showing up again. Here are a few pretty maxi skirts and ways to style them for the coming warmer weather.

This first skirt is palest pink with black embroidery. I paired it with a black cami and sheer black overblouse. I added pale pink wedges and a black and white striped bag with pale pink leather accents. I added more pale pink with floral necklace and earrings. It really is a breath of spring! The other two looks are simple changes of 1) the top with the same shoes and bag, but a change of jewelry; and 2) the matching top and all black accessories.

This second skirt is a lovely pleated lavender. I've tried one of this spring's other trends with it, pajamas for day wear! I added a black print cami and pajama style overblouse. Open toed pumps in purple to black ombre and a lavender bag. Earrings in lavender, silver and black. The other two looks are 1) a white top with gray shoulder detailing and gray suede flats, lavender suede bag and lavender and silver earrings; and 2) a lavender gingham blouse to tie at the waist and roll up the sleeves to pair with light lavender sneakers, floral wallet and pretty purple dangle earrings.

This look in pale yellow looks light enough to float on a breeze! Pale yellow chiffon skirt with a pale yellow cami and cardi. Pale yellow ankle tied flats and white bag plus yellow and taupe earrings add shine. Secondary looks are 1) D&G short sleeved top in this season's print of yellows, greens and blues, a yellow bag, blue and white striped flats and blue and silver earrings; and 2) a crisp white batwing sleeved blouse tied at the waist, yellow flats and white bag with yellow and pink drop earrings for sparkle.

In shades of mint and strong pinks, this skirt has a lovely fullness. I've paired it with a boxy white blouse and a minty cocoon cardi. Dusty mint sandal heels and a green and black clutch add some dressiness to the look. Earrings and a bracelet in pinks and purples bring out more of the lovely flowers in the skirt. The other looks are 1) A crossover  top and an overblouse that ties at the waist in a pretty bow, both in bright pink. Ankle strap flats in pink and a small hobo bag in soft dusty mint. Earrings and bangles in deep pink add a sense of drama to the color scheme. And 2) is the simple mint tee to tuck and blouse at the waist with minty espadrilles, a striped bag in shades of green and earrings in mint and deep pink.

This last look is the most flexible one. It starts with lace and ends with a white tee! A pretty pinky coral pleated skirt and a fitted lady like lace top with a proper high neck. Top it with a sparkling white cardi. Add clear plastic and dusty pink leather pumps and a floral handbag. A swan pin and pretty pearly earrings add more lady like appeal. Look 2) is more casual and playful with a pink sweater sporting its own flowers! Pink ankle boots, a bag with another flower and flowered earrings add to the sense of fun! And the third look is just a white tee tied to the side with pink sneakers and a funky character clutch and sparkly pink earrings! This is styling to the maxi!

So if you have a maxi skirt or two in your wardrobe already, give some thought to how you'll style them now that it's officially spring. If you don't own one, get yourself to the store or to your favorite on-line site and get yourself a couple for the spring and summer. Maxi skirts are not just for dress-up ocassions as you can see. In fact, they actually seem more casual than dressy these days. And they don't have to look boho, either. In fact, I deliberately didn't do any obvious boho looks in this whole posting. It's not my style, so I typically don't show it. There are plenty of other sites that do that.

How will you style your maxi skirts this spring and summer? How many ways can you do one skirt? I like anything I buy to have at least three ways to work into my wardrobe so that I know I have options depending on the weather and my mood. So get out those maxi skirts and style them now to wear as soon as yesterday's snow melts!

See you Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Note to readers

I'm sorry, but I will be unable to post today due to health reasons. I will be posting again on Tuesday with the fashion post on my usual schedule.

HIS White Shirt for YOU!


One of my favorite wardrobe items isn't found in the Women's department of any store. You have to go to the Men's department to find it. It's a white shirt. I have both a dress shirt and an oxford buttondown shirt from the Men's department. I shopped for them just as carefully as I shop for any of my clothes from the Women's department, maybe more so. I want the collar to be a bit loose on  my neck, but not huge. I want the bust and hips to skim my figure and not be tight. But I also don't want the waist area to be baggy. So I look for slim cut shirts with the darts in them. If I can't buy them to fit as I want them, I can always make the adjustments myself. I prefer that the darts already by there rather than putting darts into a shirt that has none. I also like a shirt that requires no ironing. And over the years, I haven't stopped at just white. But His White Shirt is the classic, so that's what I'm looking at today.
Let's look at the absolute BASIC style.

Be sure to try on the shirt before you buy. Fit is important in this. You don't want it tight in the bust or hips and making you look like a sausage. You also don't want the neck to be too small or too huge on you. It should be a bit larger than your neck, but not overly large when buttoned. If you can, buy a TALL size, so that you get more length for a tunic look. Look for the words PERMA PRESS  or NO IRON on the package. That tells you it's going to be easy to care for. And if you get the tapered fit, you can adjust the fit if you need to, or you can take it to a tailor who can adjust it for you if you're not a sewer.

Okay, so how can you wear His White Shirt? Let's see!

Start with jeans and a green tank top. Dark green open toe booties and a floral and leaf clutch. Add a bracelet and earrings in lime and blue tones to keep your mind on spring! Now for the white shirt part...
Unbutton all the buttons, the collar, down the front and the cuffs. Before you put it on, fold back the cuffs 3 times. It's easier to do when you're not wearing it. Then toss it on over the green tank and leave it open. You're styling His White Shirt!

This time it's jeans and a green checkered blouse. Green croc pumps and a color blocked bag add interest. Green and blue jewelry keep our color scheme shiny! And the white shirt part? Put the white shirt on over the green checkered shirt and button them both up all but the top two buttons. Keep the collar of the green shirt inside the white shirt. If you have buttons on the collar of your white shirt, be sure to unbutton them as well. Unbutton two buttons at the bottom of the front of your white shirt so that the green checks show, just for fun and some color. Now, fold back both sets of cuffs together so that the green cuffs show. You have to do this after you put it on so that they go together properly, so you might want to have someone else help you do this. One or two folds is enough. And you're styling His White Shirt!

Start with a pair of white jeans, then the white shirt. Button the white shirt all the way up at the neck, collar buttons, too, if you have them. Then put on the green cardigan sweater, it needs to have buttons. Button your sweater all the way, too. Push up the sleeves of the cardigan, then fold the cuffs of the white shirt back over them. Now, you're ready for those great ombre and studded flats and the palm print clutch. Add on great blue jewelry for some more color! And you're styling His White Shirt, again!

Start with this cute striped tank with the birds and the dark wash denim pencil skirt. Slip on the aqua suede mules and pretty aqua earrings. You can grab the blue leather and suede hobo bag after we fix the white shirt...
...unbutton ALL the buttons, roll back the cuffs about 3 folds, then put the shirt on over the tank and skirt. Smooth the shirt in place and belt it with the slim leather belt. And you're styling!

Start with the white cropped jeans and the bright leaf print tank. Add the bright orange-yellow sandals and the character clutch for fun! The bracelet and earrings bring all the colors together for shine! And the white shirt...
...unbutton ALL of the buttons, roll back the cuffs about 3 folds and put on the shirt over the tank. Grasp the front shirt tails and tie them at your waist and let the tails hang down. Yup, you're styling again! 

And there are other ways to wear His White Shirt, of course. You can touch it up with an iron and wear it to work with a nice pair of slacks or a nice pencil skirt. You can tie it at the waist over a pretty floral summery skirt or a sweet tulle skirt, long or short. You can top it over a spring or summer dress. Or you can slip it over a bathing suit and cutoffs and call it done. It's even great to sleep in or eat breakfast in on the weekend. 

There used to be a saying that a woman was never sexier than when she was wearing a man's shirt. Well, I'm sure it has to be a special man's shirt, but you'd have to ask that special man, I guess. I know my husband likes the look.

But, even if it has nothing to do with sexy or that special man, wearing His White Shirt is a great style and has long been a classic. So go check out the Men's department and see what treasures you can find!

See you Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Great digital collage display from Art Journal Venue


I've been playing catch-up a bit with my postings to Art Journal Venue (AJV), my online art group. So, I have eight pieces for you this week. I'm trying to get caught up and stay current if not get ahead.  We'll see how time goes this next week!

The Dance of the Butterflies
digital collage, AJV March #3, prompt - music, 48 elements

Whenever I see butterflies flittering around in the sunshine, I think they look like they are dancing, so I think of music.

answers to find...
AJV March #4, prompt - bow(s), digital collage, 25 elements

Somehow using this string bow and ribbon bow, I came up with this rather sad, not empty but hollow feeling piece. I remembered this text that I had saved for quite a while waiting for the right place to use it. This was the right place for it.

Triton's Living Rainbow
AJV March #5, prompt - sea urchin, digital collage, 23 elements

I started with the sea urchin and then started planting a living rainbow of a garden. Then I populated it and set it in motion. This one was really fun to do! I love anything with rainbows!

Did you know the Man in the Moon snores?
AJV March #6, prompt - wind, digital collage, 7 elements

It's been really windy at my house lately, too. But so far the sun, clouds, stars and rainbows are staying in the sky!

Under a Full Moon
AJV March #7, prompt - lightning, digital collage, 10 elements

More than a bit Gothic, but it's really fun to make pieces like this. And how else do you use lightning?

Currently Vacant
AJV Feb #20, prompt - ball of yarn

This is me playing catch-up for last month's prompts! I like to keep the prompt rather subtle in my pieces. Sometimes they blend in colorwise and sometimes they just sort of blend in as something of an afterthought. I know I have to use the prompt, but I usually let the piece built itself once I get started. This piece started with the ball of  yarn and the two mice, but it sort of took off from there.

Where even angels fear to tread...
AJV March #8, prompt - spiderweb, digital collage, 21 elements

This one has such a dark, despairing sense to me. Maybe it's the books I read or the movies I see, but my art seems to have a sort of stark theme to it at times.

A Lady's Correspondence
AJV March #9, prompt - invitation, digital collage, 6 elements plus text (Polyvore doesn't count text as an element)

This one is certainly a reflection of the historical romances I love to read. I've been rereading Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series lately and all the best ladies have correspondence to write at convenient times!

Hope you enjoyed the show and you have a wonderful weekend!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Week in Fashion - Styling a Rainbow!


Here we are in March and just a few days from the official start of Spring. Of course, today it snowed in my neighborhood, so I don't know how spring-like it's going to be really. But I'm in the mood for spring things. So I've brought you a rainbow of style! I've gone for bold colors for the most part and tried to bring in floral accents to make you think spring as well.

A bright red trapeze dress and floral pumps. Carnation earrings. A floral scarf for the breeze and a camel trench to catch the cold. Add a clutch in luggage tan.

Bright orange in a shirtdress and shiny taupe pumps. An orange bag hangs from a gold chain. Red and orange earrings with a golden accent. A khaki batwing cardigan for the still cool temps and a bright on black floral scarf.

Brightest yellow skater style dress with pretty bell and bow 3/4 sleeves. Slip into bright yellow patent open toe pumps with a chunky heel. A natural white cardigan keeps off the breeze. A white and yellow floral handbag swings from a silver chain. And yellow and pink earrings dangle at your ears.

An olive green shirtdress with a twist waist. A sage green cocoon sweater for warmth when the cool breezes blow. Cute cinnamon colored pointed toe flats with a buckle detail. Tan and gold shoulder bag. Gold leaf earrings.

Deep aqua dress and pumps set the tone. But add the lovely watercolored floral scarf and all bets are off! Deep aqua and gold earrings. Then add a purple handbag for fun!

Faded denim blue in a shirt tail shirtdress. Lovely multicolored pumps give you a wide range of colors to play with. A bright blue and white scarf to tie anyway you wish. A deep bright blue suede handbag. An Army green jacket to stop the chill of the late spring days. And green and blue earrings to pull it together!

And lastly, a bright purple dress with silver buttons at zip pockets and a purple floral scarf. A bright purple and silver handbag with a long shoulder strap. Pretty flower earrings. And bright pink strappy shoes for accent!

So I hope you are in the mood to think Spring now. I know I didn't show any really casual outfits for the weekend, but I'm sure you can handle that without my help. I figure you're all pretty style savvy.

Tell me this. What is your favorite way to dress for the weekend? Are you into designer clothing and dress fairly haute couture? Or are you a casual type and wear jeans and such? Are you a leggings person? Khakis your uniform of choice? Tell me what you wear on the weekends...and pajamas don't count!

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday for The Digital Gallery
Judi and the Blue Cat