Your Week in Fashion (8) Dolce and Gabbana Lemons!


I got started thinking about Spring and decided to do my first post on spring fashion. That made me go looking for what was coming off the runways for this spring, which led me to Dolce and Gabbana. Their line is always a colorful one and usually wearable. It's feminine and fun this time. I chose one of the themes of the line, lemons. As usual, D&G have a very full and busy line with multiple themes for this spring. I really liked what I saw, but the lemons caught my eye and so I went with them. Right now, I think this would be awesome cruise wear or if you are already in warm weather, it would be great!

 Everything in all of these groupings are D&G and almost all of the items are this upcoming season. This wonderful sheath dress with the lemons on black is stunning! Add the bright yellow lace pumps and B&W checked bomber jacket. The lemon earrings are just off the scale! The black sunnies are the celebrity-hide-behind type! Then you have the light yellow bag and lemon phone case. You're juicy!

The lemons look just as juicy on white! On a blouse and a skirt! Pop on a v-neck sweater in bright yellow. Step into lemon covered pumps with jewel detailing. The handbag and the phone case are lemony and there are those celebrity style sunnies again!

Now, I'm mixing the lemons! Lemons on white on a cute bra-style top.  Lemons on black on a fitted swirl skirt. Top it all with a lacy knit cardigan. Lemony pumps with jewel detailing. And a yellow bag with black piping. A super lemon statement necklace! A phone case cover and celebrity sunglasses! Refreshing and sunshiny!

And could it get any better? Lemons on bathing suits and kimonos? Soft canvas shoes and pretty handbags! And yellow sunnies with a touch of the big cat! I hear the sun calling!

Here's my stand-by, B&W. And in my favorite pattern, stripes! And if you get a bit of a chill as the sun sets, just pull on this black and lemon sweater to stay warm while someone lights the fire!

Lemony slacks and a cute little jacket. Tuck a bright yellow v-neck sweater under that and dangle a lemony statement at the neck! A painted wicker handbag with, what else, but more lemons. And chunky heeled strappy sandals to stretch out your long legs. And some more little wallets and bags with juicy appeal!

Trim black slacks and a black and lemon tee start this outfit. Top it with a black cropped jacket and grab a black and lemon umbrella in case the weather turns a bit wet. A bright yellow handbag adds a bit more pop. More lemons in the black pumps. And lovely black dangly earrings add sparkle.

And a pretty lemony sundress with a flattering full skirt. Flat yellow sandals with sparkly jewels to flash in the sun. A handbag with its own gems to flash! Those over the top lemony earrings and a cropped yellow cardi. Pop on the yellow and leopard sunnies for fun!

So, where will you take a cruise to show off your juicy wardrobe? Which pieces would you mix up in other ways? What other pieces would you add to stretch this for a two week cruise? Which is your favorite piece?

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat