Your Week in Fashion (7) Bright Touches


Hey! This week, I'm adding some bright touches to winter outfits to keep winter from being too dull. We've passed the halfway point as far as the calendar is concerned, so the days are getting longer each day. But somehow, this still always seems to be the dreariest part of the year. More overcast skies and so cold.

So, I'm adding bright touches to my styling this week!

This first outfit is a suede dress with a bright blue and aqua scarf added to it. I added an aqua bracelet and handbag for more color. And ivory shoes for a longer leg look. High ivory boots would also work well with this is you want the extra coverage.

This second look is the standard gray sweater pencil skirt. It can't be dull with the bright touch of this bright violet blouse and cardigan I've added. I added an ear cuff in the same tone. A multi violet hued silk scarf adds more lovely touches! Gray heels and handbag keep things grounded. You could get away with a gray or black blouse and gray or black cardi as long as you have the silk scarf in those wonderful purple tones to brighten it all up!

A black blouse and black pencil skirt with black T-strap pumps and black drop earrings. All they need are a multitoned blue scarf and a blue bag for just the right bright touch!

This next isn't so much an outfit with a bright touch, as it is the outfit is the bright touch! I think I might have gotten carried away! The bright blue slacks with the black and white leaf patterned tunic blouse does well with the bright blue scarf. Add in black accessories with silver accents and you have a great outfit!

Now, this outfit started with the tiny polka dotted slacks, the ivory sweater jacket with dark buttons and the ivory and black heels. So I added the light bright blue bird print blouse and blue handbag for accent. Then the black and blue earrings seemed just right.

This one probably seems a bit crazy to some of you, but it's just so fun to me! The black and white polka dot slacks with black blouse are topped by the purple and green silk scarf. I added black drop earrings. Then more bright touches with bright purple heels and a bright green bag. 

Nothing wrong with jeans and a green tunic top and cardigan. Some green drop earrings are pretty, too. And even a two toned green bag. But add bright yellow suede flats and a bright floral silk scarf and you definitely have your bright touch!

Light wash jeans and a teal tank with a black and white striped cardi is great for any casual day. Add dusty teal flats and soft teal and silver earrings. Tie a soft aqua scarf around your neck to take care of any drafts. Then to brighten it all up, grab this great black and white handbag!

Which way will you brighten up your dreary winter days? Bright scarf? Bright shoes? Blouse, cardi or slacks? Or a fun bag? Whichever way you choose, do add a touch of bright to keep the dreary out of your winter days!

See you Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat