Your Week in Fashion (6)



Welcome back! I have another small trend for you this week. This time it's collarless jackets. They can be any style, really, as long as they don't have a collar. The obvious one that comes to mind is the little Chanel jacket, and I have one in that style for you. So, let's get to the clothes!
This first look is built on leather pants and a cowl necked top. I tied a scarf around the neck for color and added metallic bronze shoes for shine. The collarless jacket here is suede and has two levels of fringe on the body of the jacket as well as fringe at the cuffs. Bronze earrings and a green bag complete the look.
A black leather pencil skirt and red sleeveless chiffon blouse are the base for this look. Cutwork black booties and a red and black bag add some edge to the look. The red, black and gold jewelry add some sophistication. The jacket is styled like a Chanel jacket in a red and ivory striped fabric and zipped up the front. I've added a red and black scarf for added interest. With a collarless jacket, you have many options. You can wear it just plain with a similar neckline underneath it, or you can fill it in a variety of ways. Turtlenecks, necklaces and scarves are just a few filler options.
A pair of black slacks and a Chanel style jacket zipped up make a very proper outfit. Add a triple strand of pearls and you have a rather traditional look. Add a colorblocked handbag and bright violet stilettos and you add edge and style to the look!
A pair of straight legged jeans and a striped blouse create the base. Then I added the cream colored jacket with striped piping to coordinate with the blouse. I added the green heels to pick up the green in the blouse. The wool and leather bag was added to coordinate with the black in the jacket and blouse, as were the earrings. I particularly like this jacket with its black and white piping and the applique on the body of the jacket and sleeves.
Jeans and a green peasant style blouse get this outfit started. Then the bag was added to go with the blouse. The scarf was added to bring in some visual texture and blend with the jacket tone. The shoe color was also chosen based on the color of the jacket. And the earrings and bracelet were chosen to go with the blouse and cheer you up!
Straight legged jeans and a nude toned batwing top get this outfit started. The shoes are in the nude-pink tones as well. The jacket is a creamy nude tone. It has no collar, but it does have lapels. You can't see that because of the scarf I added, which is in those nude-brown tones, too. And, I added a handbag in the the same tones. The earrings are rose gold, which I find goes really well with this color palette. This is a palette I enjoy working with and wearing. It's neutral, but it's not flat beige or gray!
And, of course, I have to do one that's black and white. Well, black and ivory. I actually started with the jacket in this outfit. I loved the frayed edges and wanted to show them off. That's why I chose the blouse with the long cuffs and the stand-up ruffled collar. Against that ivory, the frayed edge will show up nicely. I kept everything else rather subtle. The earrings are simple and classy black drops. The shoes are flats with nice lines and a small tassel. And the handbag is small, but nicely shaped. I wanted the frayed edge to be in the spotlight!

So, which look will you choose to try? Are you the tough rebel in leather? The bold woman in red chiffon and black leather? The traditional lady in pearls? The artsy type with the grahic look? The sweet look in a peasant blouse? The neutral woman? Or the woman who only wears black and white? Or, are you brave enough to try them all? Whichever look you choose to try, I hope you enjoy it! Style it up, put on your lipstick and your smile, hold up your head and take on the world! I will see you on Thursday with more digital art in The Digital Gallery. Enjoy your week!

Judi and the Blue Cat