The Digital Gallery (5)

Welcome, once again to The Digital Gallery. I have six pieces for you this week. Some were done for on line art groups that I belong to and some were done for my own pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

Antarctica, Group A, Day #1, digital collage, 18 elements  Group A will be traveling all month, so each day will be a different location. I will try to keep up with the days as best I can.

Sister Will You..., AJV Feb Day #1 paper clip, digital collage, 20 elements  Art Journal Venue (AJV) is my own group and has a different prompt each day. The list is posted monthly. I have to keep up with that also! I belong to about half a dozen on line art groups and most of them keep me pretty busy.

The Alchemist's Secrets, AJV Feb Day#2 old key, digital collage, 23 elements

A Young Entrepreneur, AJV Feb Day #3 jelly beans, digital collage, 12 elements

Follow Your Divine Inspiration, digital collage, 12 elements

To Infinity and Beyond!, AJV Feb Day #4 paper airplane, digital collage, 19 elements

I do so hope you enjoyed the show. If you did, please leave a comment or rating below. I look forward to sharing with you again on Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion. Have a great weekend!

Judi and the Blue Cat