The Digital Gallery (7)


February in my art journal!  digital collage, 23 elements - February really is a very busy month on my calendar with all the special days in the month! My husband is kept very busy buying roses and cards!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, AJV Feb Day 9 spiral stairs, digital collage, 9 elements - the element had to be the stairs, but I really love rainbows. So when I saw these, I had to use them!

Just a Nibble, AJV Feb Day 10, squirrel, digital collage, 19 elements - I love to play around and build these soft backgrounds

Journaling, AJV Feb Day 11, books, digital collage, 30 elements - These journals are already made up and probably from Pinterest. They are simply embellished a bit by me. I needed books and these appealed.

It's all in my head, AJV Feb Day 12, lock, digital collage, 16 elements - unfortunately, this is a condition I am all too familiar with. I have clinical depression and depression related to my fibromyalgia. It's not well controlled by my meds when the two conditions get together.

Oh, Hello! AJV Feb Day 13, melting candle, digital collage, 8 elements - This piece sort of made itself!

AJV Feb Day 14, chocolate, digital collage, 9 elements - I know everyone loves the stuff and eats it whenever they can. I have to be very careful with it since I am allergic to it. So I only eat it at home when my husband is there in case I have a reaction.

Hope you enjoyed the show this week! Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion!

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