Your Week in Fashion (8) Dolce and Gabbana Lemons!


I got started thinking about Spring and decided to do my first post on spring fashion. That made me go looking for what was coming off the runways for this spring, which led me to Dolce and Gabbana. Their line is always a colorful one and usually wearable. It's feminine and fun this time. I chose one of the themes of the line, lemons. As usual, D&G have a very full and busy line with multiple themes for this spring. I really liked what I saw, but the lemons caught my eye and so I went with them. Right now, I think this would be awesome cruise wear or if you are already in warm weather, it would be great!

 Everything in all of these groupings are D&G and almost all of the items are this upcoming season. This wonderful sheath dress with the lemons on black is stunning! Add the bright yellow lace pumps and B&W checked bomber jacket. The lemon earrings are just off the scale! The black sunnies are the celebrity-hide-behind type! Then you have the light yellow bag and lemon phone case. You're juicy!

The lemons look just as juicy on white! On a blouse and a skirt! Pop on a v-neck sweater in bright yellow. Step into lemon covered pumps with jewel detailing. The handbag and the phone case are lemony and there are those celebrity style sunnies again!

Now, I'm mixing the lemons! Lemons on white on a cute bra-style top.  Lemons on black on a fitted swirl skirt. Top it all with a lacy knit cardigan. Lemony pumps with jewel detailing. And a yellow bag with black piping. A super lemon statement necklace! A phone case cover and celebrity sunglasses! Refreshing and sunshiny!

And could it get any better? Lemons on bathing suits and kimonos? Soft canvas shoes and pretty handbags! And yellow sunnies with a touch of the big cat! I hear the sun calling!

Here's my stand-by, B&W. And in my favorite pattern, stripes! And if you get a bit of a chill as the sun sets, just pull on this black and lemon sweater to stay warm while someone lights the fire!

Lemony slacks and a cute little jacket. Tuck a bright yellow v-neck sweater under that and dangle a lemony statement at the neck! A painted wicker handbag with, what else, but more lemons. And chunky heeled strappy sandals to stretch out your long legs. And some more little wallets and bags with juicy appeal!

Trim black slacks and a black and lemon tee start this outfit. Top it with a black cropped jacket and grab a black and lemon umbrella in case the weather turns a bit wet. A bright yellow handbag adds a bit more pop. More lemons in the black pumps. And lovely black dangly earrings add sparkle.

And a pretty lemony sundress with a flattering full skirt. Flat yellow sandals with sparkly jewels to flash in the sun. A handbag with its own gems to flash! Those over the top lemony earrings and a cropped yellow cardi. Pop on the yellow and leopard sunnies for fun!

So, where will you take a cruise to show off your juicy wardrobe? Which pieces would you mix up in other ways? What other pieces would you add to stretch this for a two week cruise? Which is your favorite piece?

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat

The Digital Gallery (7)


February in my art journal!  digital collage, 23 elements - February really is a very busy month on my calendar with all the special days in the month! My husband is kept very busy buying roses and cards!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, AJV Feb Day 9 spiral stairs, digital collage, 9 elements - the element had to be the stairs, but I really love rainbows. So when I saw these, I had to use them!

Just a Nibble, AJV Feb Day 10, squirrel, digital collage, 19 elements - I love to play around and build these soft backgrounds

Journaling, AJV Feb Day 11, books, digital collage, 30 elements - These journals are already made up and probably from Pinterest. They are simply embellished a bit by me. I needed books and these appealed.

It's all in my head, AJV Feb Day 12, lock, digital collage, 16 elements - unfortunately, this is a condition I am all too familiar with. I have clinical depression and depression related to my fibromyalgia. It's not well controlled by my meds when the two conditions get together.

Oh, Hello! AJV Feb Day 13, melting candle, digital collage, 8 elements - This piece sort of made itself!

AJV Feb Day 14, chocolate, digital collage, 9 elements - I know everyone loves the stuff and eats it whenever they can. I have to be very careful with it since I am allergic to it. So I only eat it at home when my husband is there in case I have a reaction.

Hope you enjoyed the show this week! Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you on Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion!

Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Week in Fashion (7) Bright Touches


Hey! This week, I'm adding some bright touches to winter outfits to keep winter from being too dull. We've passed the halfway point as far as the calendar is concerned, so the days are getting longer each day. But somehow, this still always seems to be the dreariest part of the year. More overcast skies and so cold.

So, I'm adding bright touches to my styling this week!

This first outfit is a suede dress with a bright blue and aqua scarf added to it. I added an aqua bracelet and handbag for more color. And ivory shoes for a longer leg look. High ivory boots would also work well with this is you want the extra coverage.

This second look is the standard gray sweater pencil skirt. It can't be dull with the bright touch of this bright violet blouse and cardigan I've added. I added an ear cuff in the same tone. A multi violet hued silk scarf adds more lovely touches! Gray heels and handbag keep things grounded. You could get away with a gray or black blouse and gray or black cardi as long as you have the silk scarf in those wonderful purple tones to brighten it all up!

A black blouse and black pencil skirt with black T-strap pumps and black drop earrings. All they need are a multitoned blue scarf and a blue bag for just the right bright touch!

This next isn't so much an outfit with a bright touch, as it is the outfit is the bright touch! I think I might have gotten carried away! The bright blue slacks with the black and white leaf patterned tunic blouse does well with the bright blue scarf. Add in black accessories with silver accents and you have a great outfit!

Now, this outfit started with the tiny polka dotted slacks, the ivory sweater jacket with dark buttons and the ivory and black heels. So I added the light bright blue bird print blouse and blue handbag for accent. Then the black and blue earrings seemed just right.

This one probably seems a bit crazy to some of you, but it's just so fun to me! The black and white polka dot slacks with black blouse are topped by the purple and green silk scarf. I added black drop earrings. Then more bright touches with bright purple heels and a bright green bag. 

Nothing wrong with jeans and a green tunic top and cardigan. Some green drop earrings are pretty, too. And even a two toned green bag. But add bright yellow suede flats and a bright floral silk scarf and you definitely have your bright touch!

Light wash jeans and a teal tank with a black and white striped cardi is great for any casual day. Add dusty teal flats and soft teal and silver earrings. Tie a soft aqua scarf around your neck to take care of any drafts. Then to brighten it all up, grab this great black and white handbag!

Which way will you brighten up your dreary winter days? Bright scarf? Bright shoes? Blouse, cardi or slacks? Or a fun bag? Whichever way you choose, do add a touch of bright to keep the dreary out of your winter days!

See you Thursday for The Digital Gallery!
Judi and the Blue Cat

The Digital Gallery (6)


Panda and Kimi Have Tea, AJV Day5, panda, digital collage, 20 elements

The Eyes of Afghanistan, EDinF Itinerary A Day 2, Afghanistan, digital collage, 19 elements

The Silent Theatre, AJV Feb Day 6, mime, digital collage, 10 elements

300 Pancake Recipes, EDinF Itinerary A Belarus, digital collage, 10 elements

TeaTime, AJV Feb, Day 8 teatime, digital collage, 15 elements

Chile, EDinF Itineray A, Day 4, digital collage, 19 elements

I hope you enjoyed the show today! And I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion.

Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Week in Fashion (6)



Welcome back! I have another small trend for you this week. This time it's collarless jackets. They can be any style, really, as long as they don't have a collar. The obvious one that comes to mind is the little Chanel jacket, and I have one in that style for you. So, let's get to the clothes!
This first look is built on leather pants and a cowl necked top. I tied a scarf around the neck for color and added metallic bronze shoes for shine. The collarless jacket here is suede and has two levels of fringe on the body of the jacket as well as fringe at the cuffs. Bronze earrings and a green bag complete the look.
A black leather pencil skirt and red sleeveless chiffon blouse are the base for this look. Cutwork black booties and a red and black bag add some edge to the look. The red, black and gold jewelry add some sophistication. The jacket is styled like a Chanel jacket in a red and ivory striped fabric and zipped up the front. I've added a red and black scarf for added interest. With a collarless jacket, you have many options. You can wear it just plain with a similar neckline underneath it, or you can fill it in a variety of ways. Turtlenecks, necklaces and scarves are just a few filler options.
A pair of black slacks and a Chanel style jacket zipped up make a very proper outfit. Add a triple strand of pearls and you have a rather traditional look. Add a colorblocked handbag and bright violet stilettos and you add edge and style to the look!
A pair of straight legged jeans and a striped blouse create the base. Then I added the cream colored jacket with striped piping to coordinate with the blouse. I added the green heels to pick up the green in the blouse. The wool and leather bag was added to coordinate with the black in the jacket and blouse, as were the earrings. I particularly like this jacket with its black and white piping and the applique on the body of the jacket and sleeves.
Jeans and a green peasant style blouse get this outfit started. Then the bag was added to go with the blouse. The scarf was added to bring in some visual texture and blend with the jacket tone. The shoe color was also chosen based on the color of the jacket. And the earrings and bracelet were chosen to go with the blouse and cheer you up!
Straight legged jeans and a nude toned batwing top get this outfit started. The shoes are in the nude-pink tones as well. The jacket is a creamy nude tone. It has no collar, but it does have lapels. You can't see that because of the scarf I added, which is in those nude-brown tones, too. And, I added a handbag in the the same tones. The earrings are rose gold, which I find goes really well with this color palette. This is a palette I enjoy working with and wearing. It's neutral, but it's not flat beige or gray!
And, of course, I have to do one that's black and white. Well, black and ivory. I actually started with the jacket in this outfit. I loved the frayed edges and wanted to show them off. That's why I chose the blouse with the long cuffs and the stand-up ruffled collar. Against that ivory, the frayed edge will show up nicely. I kept everything else rather subtle. The earrings are simple and classy black drops. The shoes are flats with nice lines and a small tassel. And the handbag is small, but nicely shaped. I wanted the frayed edge to be in the spotlight!

So, which look will you choose to try? Are you the tough rebel in leather? The bold woman in red chiffon and black leather? The traditional lady in pearls? The artsy type with the grahic look? The sweet look in a peasant blouse? The neutral woman? Or the woman who only wears black and white? Or, are you brave enough to try them all? Whichever look you choose to try, I hope you enjoy it! Style it up, put on your lipstick and your smile, hold up your head and take on the world! I will see you on Thursday with more digital art in The Digital Gallery. Enjoy your week!

Judi and the Blue Cat

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The Digital Gallery (5)

Welcome, once again to The Digital Gallery. I have six pieces for you this week. Some were done for on line art groups that I belong to and some were done for my own pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

Antarctica, Group A, Day #1, digital collage, 18 elements  Group A will be traveling all month, so each day will be a different location. I will try to keep up with the days as best I can.

Sister Will You..., AJV Feb Day #1 paper clip, digital collage, 20 elements  Art Journal Venue (AJV) is my own group and has a different prompt each day. The list is posted monthly. I have to keep up with that also! I belong to about half a dozen on line art groups and most of them keep me pretty busy.

The Alchemist's Secrets, AJV Feb Day#2 old key, digital collage, 23 elements

A Young Entrepreneur, AJV Feb Day #3 jelly beans, digital collage, 12 elements

Follow Your Divine Inspiration, digital collage, 12 elements

To Infinity and Beyond!, AJV Feb Day #4 paper airplane, digital collage, 19 elements

I do so hope you enjoyed the show. If you did, please leave a comment or rating below. I look forward to sharing with you again on Tuesday for Your Week in Fashion. Have a great weekend!

Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Week in Fashion: Working the Trend(s)

This week I have several trends that seem to have popped up lately on Polyvore. One is straight legged jeans. Then there is striped cardigans. And there is floral flats. Also we have bowling bags. One that I have been seeing on Polyvore as well on several blogs and in magazines is the maxidress for the winter season. So I've brought them all together here for your week!

First, there is the gray maxidress with the slit up the side, a defined waist and three quarter sleeves. I topped it with a striped cardigan in black, gray and cream. I chose blue floral flats with a bow detail and a checkered bowling bag. I added blue and black earrings to bring some of the blue tone up.

Splendid grey dress / MANGO white cardigan / J Crew d orsay flat / Prada handbags tote / West Coast Jewelry stainless steel earrings

Next, I have a tank top maxidress, again in gray. I think I actually chose all gray maxidresses for this. I topped it with a zipped up cardigan. I chose a bowling bag in a similar stripe pattern. The flats are a black floral design. And I added dark red flower earrings to bring in some of the red from the shoes.

Ally Fashion gray dress / WearAll long sleeve cardigan / BP. floral shoes / Nica handbag / Oscar de la Renta post earrings

This gray maxidress is of the palest gray. I topped it with sleeveless cardigan in black and white. I chose multicolored floral flats with jewels tones and earrings in a tone to match. Then added a black and blue polka dot bowling bag for more fun.

Ann Demeulemeester side slit dressCardigan top / J.Crew glitter ballet shoes / Vivienne westwood purse / Miadora white gold ruby earrings

The color of this dress is a greige more than just gray, so I used both brown and black tones. The floral flats are brown based. The striped poncho is black and cream. The zebra striped bowling bag has a beige tone base as well. For fun, I used multicolored fish earrings.

Helmut Lang maxi dress / LE3NO striped poncho / Floral flat / Burberry tote / Les Néréides fish jewelry

Here, I've used straight legged jeans, a navy blue chiffon pleated sleeveless blouse and a black and white angora cardigan. The shoes are blue flowers on a white base. And the bowling bag is black and blue. I added fabric earrings in blue, aqua, lime and black for a perk.

RED Valentino long sleeve cardigan / Preen blue shirt / Alexander Wang cuffed jeans / J.Crew j crew shoes / Kensie navy handbag / Dori Csengeri blue jewelry

Here, I got away from the black cardigan. I used straight legged jeans and a peach and green cardigan over a green chiffon blouse. I added pink, peach and green shoes with jeweled detailing. The Burberry plaid bowling bag adds a bit of punch. And the earrings bring in more floral detailing.

Equipment long sleeve shirt / M Missoni v neck top / Aries denim jeans / Ivanka Trump green shoes / Burberry purse / Gold earrings

This last one is the best, I think. I have straight legged jeans. Then I have a yellow striped sleeveless blouse under a two toned green striped cardigan. I used red and yellow floral shoes. And added the fabulous multicolored bowling bad to bring it all together. With the earrings, I have yellow dangles and a wonderful ear cuff in yellow and pink on yellow gold.

Gran Sasso stripe cardigan / Button front blouse / Zara dark blue jeans / Sam Edelman floral flat / Dsquared2 snake print handbag / Gucci chains jewelryCrystal clip on earrings

Well, that's it for another week. I hope you'll join me on Thursday for The Digital Gallery.

Enjoy your week and enjoy your fashion!
Judi and the Blue Cat