Your Week in Fashion (4)

Your Week in Fashion ~ Over50Styling!
This week, I have a lot of purple for you! My favorite color is purple and it seems that I almost never do any purple outfits. So, I decided to do a whole week in purple. I also have some trends for you in this week's outfits. That's something that I don't always pay too much attention to, but these trends are ones I like.

Bright purple and fuchsia make a great combination here. I had the basic purple pieces; the coat and trousers. Then I added the sweater. The tweedy sweater sets the color scheme. To that I added the plaid scarf. From there, I pulled in the accessories such as the earrings, ankle boots, bag, sunglasses and gloves. You certainly won't get lost in the snow in this outfit! YWinF4-1
And this second outfit will see you safely through the snow as well. A lovely figure hugging dress in bright purple says it all. Especially with knee-high boots in a similar tone. Add a bunch of grapes pink and purple stud earrings. A gold and purple bracelet for your wrist. A purple print scarf to block the wind under the purple wool coat. A violet handbag and gloves, and black cats eye sunglasses with violet lenses. Definitely a look to draw all eyes.

A softer, more ladylike look starts with a purple tweed skirt and a brightest purple silky blouse. Top it all with a fuzzy pink cardigan and an ombre scarf with all those tones. Sparkling earrings in tones of pink and purple for your ears. Pretty purple ankle boots with decorative strap detailing around the ankle. Palest pink handbag and pale purple sunnies for fun! Ladylike, but not shy. This look is sure to catch its share of gazes!

This lovely pencil skirt with decorative stitching all over and a front split for walking ease looks wonderful with this high-necked blouse with detail stitching at the neck. This high-neck blouse is currently trendy and quite lovely. The pretty blouses available with the high neck are worth a look or two! In this outfit, I've added ruby toned pumps and a pale pink wool coat that's nice and long to keep winter cold out. Pale purple and green sparkly earrings add color, as does the green handbag and ruby sunnies.
Now, I have three outfits with black denim, which is a big trend right now. I really like the look of black denim.

This first outfit is a pair of blue denim jeans overdyed with black. I used them because of the colors in the tunic top. I liked the echo of the blue sheen. So here I have the black jeans and the tie-dyed tunic tee. Top it with a long purple cardi with pockets and texture detailing around the front opening. Earrings in black and purple keep the color palette going. The purple bag and the palest purple metallic flats pick up the colors from the tunic, too. A trendy and fun look for out and about-ing!
Black jeans and a purple print top with a black and gray heather cocoon cardi. Add a solid purple Pashmina at the neck. Earrings made of multitoned purple stones. Shiny black ankle boots spiff it up. A black and purple bag and gray and purple sunnies complete the look. Another great look for on-the-go!
Black jeans and a purple bandanna print silk blouse. Topped with a purple and violet cardi. Tied with a purple and violet plaid scarf for fun. Earrings in purple, violet and black mix the colors in well, too. A sleek black bag for your shoulder and even sleeker purple suede fringed ankle boots for your feet. Step out confidently in this outfit. It will take you just about anywhere!
 So, whether you just like purples, trendy or both, I hope you have fun playing with this week's choices. See you Thursday for The Digital Gallery!

Judi and the Blue Cat