Your Week in Fashion (3)


Hello! Last Tuesday seems like such a long time ago. I guess, because it's been such a busy week. So here's the new week's assortment of styles for you. I've tried to create a flow from the first outfit to the last. I started with beige this week. If you look at it that way, I think you'll see the flow.

This beige dress has straight lines to it and some detailing at the top. I added a multicolored scarf and amber and gold earrings. Beige suede ankle boots with a stacked heel and a multicolored bag finish out the look. YWiF3-1
A faux leather pencil skirt in beige with a cream, beige and black spatter print blouse. Top this with a beige kimono style cardigan sweater. Black stud earrings and a dramatic black ear cuff for fun. Beige suede ankle boots with a belt and tassel. Black clutch with a large bow for flirty fun!

A dress that looks like it was made from a painter's canvas. An ivory fuzzy cardigan sweater to stay warm in. A pretty turquoise scarf with tassels to focus the color and turquoise earrings. Ivory pumps to draw attention to nice legs. And a great black handbag to carry your needs for the day. A flirty and fun look!
A tweedy beige wool pencil skirt and a pale turquoise leather top. Add a fitted cardigan with a low scooped neckline and a ribbon and flower belt. Liven things up with a turquoise and lime ombre scarf. Add some sparkle with pretty gold and turquoise earrings. Greyed turquoise pumps and a beige bag complete the outfit. Ladylike and pretty enough for a special day.
Beige trousers with a tied waist. A teal blouse with a v-neck. Tie a multicolored scarf at the neck and top it with a light teal cardigan. Add sparkly earrings in light teals. Mules in darkest teal and gold and a two-tone beige bag finish this look. Classy and sassy all in one!
Straight legged jeans and an oversized sweater. A pompom-d scarf and drop earrings. Linen colored flats and a bright blue box bag. A standard denim outfit with more than standard good looks. It's not what you're wearing, it's how you're wearing it.
Straight legged jeans. An oversized cowl necked sweater. A white and blue plaid scarf with tassels. Blue and silver earrings. Blue patent ankle strapped flats by Jimmy Choo. And a two-toned beige bag. Another standard? Yes, indeed. Put it all together and you get the fresh, crisp look of blue and white. This is a look that is always good on a day when you're a little bit tired and need a bit of a boost. The look itself will give you that boost, or at least look like it does!
Well, now you've seven more looks to play around with this week. I wonder which ones you'll try and which ones you'll like. See y'all on Thursday with The Digital Gallery!

Judi and the Blue Cat