Your Weekend Forecast Looks Fabulous!


Since we are just a bit more than a week away from the Winter Solstice, the official start of winter, I thought these great winter looks that I did for a contest were appropriate for today. Each of these looks is a study in tone on tone in camel, gray or greige (the combination of the two). These colors can be wonderful in the wardrobe of silver haired women if you remember to wear your lipstick to define your face. Otherwise, you may be in danger of allowing your face to blend into your clothing and becoming invisible, no matter how wonderful your outfit. 

I follow a blog called Style at a certain age ( done by Beth Djalali. She posts some really great OOTD and then does one with her dog Oscar on Friday as she strolls around her town, San Francisco. As great as the style and scenery is, I am always drawn to Beth's face first. She always wears a red toned lipstick. It draws the eye straight to her face no matter what she wears or what is around her, even when she has Oscar on a leash by her side. She also smiles a lot, which is a magnet for the eyes! Try it! Put on a neutral outfit and some pretty lipstick. Now, head up and smile. 
Greige and Winter
This outfit is a mix of tones that escape true definition except maybe by Pantone with the aid of a color chart. These are all the gray beiges and beige grays that we see that get lumped into the taupe category for lack of better terms. I'm sure if I took out my Pantone color chart from design class, I could give each one of them a specific name. I don't need to be able to name them, I just need to know that they all work really well together. In fact, the more the merrier as you can see. And whether you use it in home decor as the paint lids suggest or in your wardrobe, they are a comfortable palette to live with. You can go all the way from the lightest of almost white beige and gray to dark chocolate and ink black. The combination has class start to finish.

Sometimes it's just a matter of your grays just having a warm or cool tone to them. They all look gray until you put them together and then you suddenly realize that there's a subtle difference. Your warmer grays look beige-ish, while the cooler grays look blue-ish. With fabrics, you may actually have a bit of blue fiber woven in, but for the sake of our discussion let's leave fibers out of it. What you are seeing is the true gray against the beige tones. Take a look at the paint lids above and you can see what I mean. Sometimes those beige-grays almost look a bit green, like that large paint lid at the top on the left. While the small one directly under it looks quite blue in comparison. Now look at the outfit. I tried to match the paints closely as I chose each item. You can see differences in the tones, but they all work together with so many in the mix. If there were only two or three, something would probably stick out. But with all these tones, they all just blend together, especially with tweedy and heather fabrics.

Now look at all those tones of camel. Camel is a warm medium tone in the cream to brown line. So anything in that line is family! See how easy it is to create an entire outfit with just this one color line ~ milk, cream, eggnog, cocoa, cafe au lait, coffee black. It's all the same color with more or less white in it really. But they have a richness to them that makes a monochromatic outfit done this way very interesting. As far as making your face stand out in this combination? Take a look at the model in the picture. Nude lips work well in her picture. Red with warm tones would work well, too. It depends on your own coloring and preferences.

What's the difference between not wearing lipstick and nude? Color and definition. You may wear Chap-Stik or some other lip balm that you think gives your lips a soft shine, but that fades about 5 seconds after you apply it. Take a photo of yourself with that on your lips. Now. Try a moisturing lip stick in a nude color and take a photo. Now, put on a lovely red lipstick and take a photo. Compare the pictures. I rest my case. 

Go play at the lipstick counter and try all the different colors. Take a selfie of each color. Compare them and see which color you like best. Don't let the sales girl sell you what she thinks is your best color. It should be a color you like the looks of, not what they think you should be wearing. Sales girls make a lot of assumptions about colors as you approach them according to your hair color and clothing. They are not always trained as well as you would like them to be either. They may be trying to push sales on the new line of colors, when an older color might actually be your perfect color. They will try to help you, but remember sales is ultimately their final interest.

My experience: I tried a lip plumber (City Lips), a night cream (L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal) and an age control serum (Clarins Double Serum). The night cream and the lip plumper I have been quite faithful to use for a couple of months and the serum sporadically. I have seen my lips go from skinny, flat line, wrinkled lips to plumper, rounder, much less wrinkled, younger looking lips. I don't have grooves in the edges of my lips anymore. I'm not saying my lips are as smooth and plump as when I was 20, but they have improved greatly. It had gotten to the point of not wearing lipstick because my lips were disappearing! Now I have lips again, and they are much smoother than they were. It didn't happen overnight. It took time and care. I find that putting on the lip plumper about 15 minutes before I put on my lipstick not only plumps up my lips, but it holds my lipstick in place as well. No bleeding.

What have you tried to revive aging lips and how has it worked? Share your stories @

Enjoy your weekend and see you right back here Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat