Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2016


It's that time of year that Pantone announces its Color of the Year for the upcoming year. Well, this past weekend we got to see the new color. Except the new color was two colors! Pantone announced Serenity (pale blue) and Rose Quartz (light rose) as the two colors for 2016. They are to create a balance between cool and warm and bring a sense of peace and order. I think this is Pantone's bid for World Peace. Everyone does their bit. Who knows, maybe if everyone showed up at the peace talks wearing shades of rose and blue, it just might help soothe them a bit and bring some sense of order.

Well, let's take a look at how you can look amazing today, Monday! Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2016
Start with a blue pencil skirt that zips up the front and a tailored  sleeveless blouse in the same blue. Top that with a pretty pink cardigan with a floral panel inside. Blue suede pumps and a pink handbag continue the palette.And lovely blue earrings add some sparkle.

I flipped the colors in this outfit. The pencil skirt is pink and the blouse is blue with sheer sleeves. The sweater is oversized in rose. Croc textured heels in pink and a metallic blue handbag do it for the color palette again. A multicolor scarf in the pink and blue palette adds some interest. And the frosted blue earrings add shine.
A pink 3/4 tank dress and an open knit blue sweater are the combination this time. Pink suede flats with an ankle strap and a palest blue handbag are the choice here. No earrings this time. A statement necklace to fill in the scoop neckline and a pretty complimentary bracelet finish the look.

It's an easy color palette to work with because it's one we're really familiar with from our earliest memories. Babies, boys and girls, the colors of innocence. It's appealing, too. It's also one that can get very pale and washed out if you're not careful. Check your mirror. If it needs a dash of color or brighter lipstick, don't hesitate to add it! Combine them with other colors for a more vivid look. I've only shown you the two colors themselves. We have a whole year coming up to explore them with other colors!

Wednesday I'll be showing your more Wish Lists and more Holiday Party Wear! I've already been to my first holiday party! Have you? I wore black and copper with rose gold in a festive but comfy outfit to a house party for Charley's coworkers. What did you wear? Did you wear Christmas colors?

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat