Only 8 More Days 'til Christmas!

Dark, rich chocolate tones make wonderful gift ideas to give and to get this Christmas. Throw pillows with English cat queens, wooden watches or necklaces, lovely glass vases or tall leather boots, or a lovely embroidered scarf to wrap it all up in. Great gift ideas for those on your list. Or if He's still looking for something to buy for you, just let him see this! Dark Chocolate Wish List

I promised looks for a holiday dinner party and that's what I've got. Elegant enough to take the candlelight, but doesn't require a limosine. 

Bright blue with silver and gold threads woven into the fabric to create a lovely sheen under candlelight. Silver pumps with a thin ankle strap to show of great legs. A fuzzy clutch on a chain for some fun. And lots of sparkling white stones at neck and ears. A lovely rosey red lip would be stunning with this.
Pastels for the holidays? Yes! This lovely pink dress will put the pink in your cheeks under candlelight. And the heels in a similar tone will show off great legs as well. A lovely gold croc textured clutch has an oversized tassel for luxury's sake. The look is dreamy and ladylike, so match it with a triple strand of pearls and pearl earrings, always lovely by candlelight.
This third look is an eye catcher in fire engine red. I've added rose gold glitter heels and a rose gold clutch with a long tassel for the color harmony. But I've also added freshwater pearls at neck and ears to soften the look. I think of this as the naughty and nice look!

And I have one more Holiday Wish List for you.
This wishlist is all in smoky tones of gray, black and brown with a moody feel to it. So whether you want Dark Chocolate of Dark Overtones, there's something here to give or get this holiday! Maybe print these out and leave them around for that special guy to see and take the hint?

So what will you be wearing to your next holiday dinner party? Will you be bright blue and sparkling stones? Pale pink and ladylike pearls? Or will you be naughty and nice in pearls and glitter? Which one suits you?

See you all on Friday with the weekend forecast!
Judi and the Blue Cat

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