It's a Christmas Wrapping Weekend!


Happy Friday and welcome to the last post of the year on Blue Cat Review! I will not be posting again until The first Tuesday of January, the 5th. The format will be changing at that time. Please see the announcement that was sent out last evening for particulars. More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to that date. Watch for announcements!

It's the weekend before Christmas and it's time to get all the last minute details done, all the loose ends tied up so that you are ready for the big day! Time to wrap all the gifts and get them under the tree. I hope you've mailed all those long distance gifts because the deadlines have all expired as of today. Time to get last minute cards sent out and hope that the weather man is wrong about the weather for next week by about thirty degrees! It's a Christmas Wrapping Weekend!
Put on some Christmas music. For all your final wrapping, dress comfortably in jeans and a tunic top with a bright print scarf. Add pretty snowflake earrings for the season. Blue suede shoes with studs and a black bag with a fluffy pom pom detail for fun. This outfit will keep your spirits bright and you may even find yourself dancing to that music!

Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that the weather man is wrong by about 30 degrees about the temperatures for next week! They are predicting 60 degrees for the 25th! With rain! If the temps fell to 30 degrees, we'd have snow!

Look good for the forecast in jeans and a tunic top of ribbed nude knit with side button detailing. Tie a great tone on tone plaid scarf at the neck. Bowed flats in the same nude tone add a touch of elegance to a simple outfit. A brown bag handles everything. Rose gold leaf earrings add a pretty shine.

Now's the time to finish up your Christmas cards and get the last minute ones in the mail. Don't forget to post holiday greetings to all on Facebook and leave it alone for the holidays. Spend the time with your family talking face to face!

A long skinny ribbed turtle neck sweater and dark wash jeans look great. Add a richly colored scarf for flair. Navy and gold suede flats keep the tone going. And a nude tone bag blends well. Small blue stone flower earrings add a soft shine at your ears.

Lots of little details to finish up at the last minute. The cookies to bake and stocking stuffers to be bought. The hustle and bustle of the season is part of the fun as long as time with family and friends is part of that bustle! 

Try something at your holiday party! Place a basket by the door and ask everyone to put their cell phone in it while they are at your party. Have a digital camera available and make it circulate for photos if people want them later. You can post them and send them to anyone who wants them. But with no cell phones, people will have to talk with each other, face to face. No texting, no e-mail, no secret conversations. Everyone's involved with what's going on right there! When they leave, they can have their phones back. Of course, if someone has to have their phone for an urgent babysitter call or something, that's understandable. But ask them not to break the rule of talking with the people at the party. See how well people communicate without those digital blocks at their fingertips. Even the younger set will get involved without a game to play! The pictures from this party will be worth having!

I hope you all enjoy your holidays. Stay safe and happy. I look forward to seeing you all back here after the first of the new year!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Judi and the Blue Cat