It's a Christmas Wrapping Weekend!


Happy Friday and welcome to the last post of the year on Blue Cat Review! I will not be posting again until The first Tuesday of January, the 5th. The format will be changing at that time. Please see the announcement that was sent out last evening for particulars. More details will be forthcoming as we get closer to that date. Watch for announcements!

It's the weekend before Christmas and it's time to get all the last minute details done, all the loose ends tied up so that you are ready for the big day! Time to wrap all the gifts and get them under the tree. I hope you've mailed all those long distance gifts because the deadlines have all expired as of today. Time to get last minute cards sent out and hope that the weather man is wrong about the weather for next week by about thirty degrees! It's a Christmas Wrapping Weekend!
Put on some Christmas music. For all your final wrapping, dress comfortably in jeans and a tunic top with a bright print scarf. Add pretty snowflake earrings for the season. Blue suede shoes with studs and a black bag with a fluffy pom pom detail for fun. This outfit will keep your spirits bright and you may even find yourself dancing to that music!

Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that the weather man is wrong by about 30 degrees about the temperatures for next week! They are predicting 60 degrees for the 25th! With rain! If the temps fell to 30 degrees, we'd have snow!

Look good for the forecast in jeans and a tunic top of ribbed nude knit with side button detailing. Tie a great tone on tone plaid scarf at the neck. Bowed flats in the same nude tone add a touch of elegance to a simple outfit. A brown bag handles everything. Rose gold leaf earrings add a pretty shine.

Now's the time to finish up your Christmas cards and get the last minute ones in the mail. Don't forget to post holiday greetings to all on Facebook and leave it alone for the holidays. Spend the time with your family talking face to face!

A long skinny ribbed turtle neck sweater and dark wash jeans look great. Add a richly colored scarf for flair. Navy and gold suede flats keep the tone going. And a nude tone bag blends well. Small blue stone flower earrings add a soft shine at your ears.

Lots of little details to finish up at the last minute. The cookies to bake and stocking stuffers to be bought. The hustle and bustle of the season is part of the fun as long as time with family and friends is part of that bustle! 

Try something at your holiday party! Place a basket by the door and ask everyone to put their cell phone in it while they are at your party. Have a digital camera available and make it circulate for photos if people want them later. You can post them and send them to anyone who wants them. But with no cell phones, people will have to talk with each other, face to face. No texting, no e-mail, no secret conversations. Everyone's involved with what's going on right there! When they leave, they can have their phones back. Of course, if someone has to have their phone for an urgent babysitter call or something, that's understandable. But ask them not to break the rule of talking with the people at the party. See how well people communicate without those digital blocks at their fingertips. Even the younger set will get involved without a game to play! The pictures from this party will be worth having!

I hope you all enjoy your holidays. Stay safe and happy. I look forward to seeing you all back here after the first of the new year!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Changes to look for at Blue Cat Review after the First of the New Year!

Blue Cat Review will not be posting from December 21, 2015 through January 4, 2016. Starting on January 5 , 2016, Tuesday postings will be "Fashion for the Week" and starting January 7, 2016 Thursday postings will be "The Digital Gallery".

Fashion for the Week will focus on approximately 5 outfits for women over 50. I'll offer style concepts and ways to adapt an outfit to your personal style and needs.

The Digital Gallery will offer digital art journaling pieces created by myself initially. This will hopefully be expanding later in the year to an interactive art group for digital art journalists.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And I hope to see you and many more back here when I return on January 5th with the new format. Stay safe and happy!

Judi and the Blue Cat

Wishing for Rose Gold this Christmas?

This Christmas, ask for something beautiful with the lovely tones of rose gold. For your home or to wear, rose gold is a lovely accent anywhere! Wishing for Rose Gold this Christmas

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Only 8 More Days 'til Christmas!

Dark, rich chocolate tones make wonderful gift ideas to give and to get this Christmas. Throw pillows with English cat queens, wooden watches or necklaces, lovely glass vases or tall leather boots, or a lovely embroidered scarf to wrap it all up in. Great gift ideas for those on your list. Or if He's still looking for something to buy for you, just let him see this! Dark Chocolate Wish List

I promised looks for a holiday dinner party and that's what I've got. Elegant enough to take the candlelight, but doesn't require a limosine. 

Bright blue with silver and gold threads woven into the fabric to create a lovely sheen under candlelight. Silver pumps with a thin ankle strap to show of great legs. A fuzzy clutch on a chain for some fun. And lots of sparkling white stones at neck and ears. A lovely rosey red lip would be stunning with this.
Pastels for the holidays? Yes! This lovely pink dress will put the pink in your cheeks under candlelight. And the heels in a similar tone will show off great legs as well. A lovely gold croc textured clutch has an oversized tassel for luxury's sake. The look is dreamy and ladylike, so match it with a triple strand of pearls and pearl earrings, always lovely by candlelight.
This third look is an eye catcher in fire engine red. I've added rose gold glitter heels and a rose gold clutch with a long tassel for the color harmony. But I've also added freshwater pearls at neck and ears to soften the look. I think of this as the naughty and nice look!

And I have one more Holiday Wish List for you.
This wishlist is all in smoky tones of gray, black and brown with a moody feel to it. So whether you want Dark Chocolate of Dark Overtones, there's something here to give or get this holiday! Maybe print these out and leave them around for that special guy to see and take the hint?

So what will you be wearing to your next holiday dinner party? Will you be bright blue and sparkling stones? Pale pink and ladylike pearls? Or will you be naughty and nice in pearls and glitter? Which one suits you?

See you all on Friday with the weekend forecast!
Judi and the Blue Cat

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Amazing Black & Blue for Your Monday!


Well, I chose a black and blue color scheme for today with stairs in every picture because that's what happened. I fell down a flight of stairs and now have that color scheme all up and down my back and legs. I am on the mend and can stand upright again, so there is progress. I was bare foot and in a hurry. I simply slipped right off the carpet on the third stair and slid right down to the bottom. So, here we go with black and blue for today!Amazing Black & Blue
A great leather skirt and an alpaca sleeveless turtleneck sweater in black topped by a loose blue cardigan in a cropped style. Black and blue heels with a black, blue and gray bag keep the color scheme going strong. And fabulous geometric earrings add sparkle and edge!

Charcoal gray wool slacks and a bright blue blouse topped by a lovely print wool cardigan in white, gray, black and blue. Black suede ankle boots with a strap and buckle detail add depth of color. The black and blue print handbag adds lots of interest to the outfit. And the two tone blue earrings add sparkle.

And the last outfit is quite different, but still black and blue. A floral dress in white, gray, black and shades of blue and lavender. Top it with a lacy cardigan in light blue. Step into gray heels with ankle tie and net detailing. The multitoned gray and black bag adds interest and structure to the organic outfit. The blue and dark silvertone earrings add drama.

So, which outfit appeals to you this Monday morning? The leather skirt and loose cardi? The tailored trouser look? Or the ladylike look in floral? Whichever look appeals, think of me! We match!
I look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday when I will have more holiday party looks. This time for Dinner Parties, so it'll be dressier! And more Gift Wish Lists for gifting and getting! What do you want this Christmas?

See you Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast Looks Fabulous!


Since we are just a bit more than a week away from the Winter Solstice, the official start of winter, I thought these great winter looks that I did for a contest were appropriate for today. Each of these looks is a study in tone on tone in camel, gray or greige (the combination of the two). These colors can be wonderful in the wardrobe of silver haired women if you remember to wear your lipstick to define your face. Otherwise, you may be in danger of allowing your face to blend into your clothing and becoming invisible, no matter how wonderful your outfit. 

I follow a blog called Style at a certain age ( done by Beth Djalali. She posts some really great OOTD and then does one with her dog Oscar on Friday as she strolls around her town, San Francisco. As great as the style and scenery is, I am always drawn to Beth's face first. She always wears a red toned lipstick. It draws the eye straight to her face no matter what she wears or what is around her, even when she has Oscar on a leash by her side. She also smiles a lot, which is a magnet for the eyes! Try it! Put on a neutral outfit and some pretty lipstick. Now, head up and smile. 
Greige and Winter
This outfit is a mix of tones that escape true definition except maybe by Pantone with the aid of a color chart. These are all the gray beiges and beige grays that we see that get lumped into the taupe category for lack of better terms. I'm sure if I took out my Pantone color chart from design class, I could give each one of them a specific name. I don't need to be able to name them, I just need to know that they all work really well together. In fact, the more the merrier as you can see. And whether you use it in home decor as the paint lids suggest or in your wardrobe, they are a comfortable palette to live with. You can go all the way from the lightest of almost white beige and gray to dark chocolate and ink black. The combination has class start to finish.

Sometimes it's just a matter of your grays just having a warm or cool tone to them. They all look gray until you put them together and then you suddenly realize that there's a subtle difference. Your warmer grays look beige-ish, while the cooler grays look blue-ish. With fabrics, you may actually have a bit of blue fiber woven in, but for the sake of our discussion let's leave fibers out of it. What you are seeing is the true gray against the beige tones. Take a look at the paint lids above and you can see what I mean. Sometimes those beige-grays almost look a bit green, like that large paint lid at the top on the left. While the small one directly under it looks quite blue in comparison. Now look at the outfit. I tried to match the paints closely as I chose each item. You can see differences in the tones, but they all work together with so many in the mix. If there were only two or three, something would probably stick out. But with all these tones, they all just blend together, especially with tweedy and heather fabrics.

Now look at all those tones of camel. Camel is a warm medium tone in the cream to brown line. So anything in that line is family! See how easy it is to create an entire outfit with just this one color line ~ milk, cream, eggnog, cocoa, cafe au lait, coffee black. It's all the same color with more or less white in it really. But they have a richness to them that makes a monochromatic outfit done this way very interesting. As far as making your face stand out in this combination? Take a look at the model in the picture. Nude lips work well in her picture. Red with warm tones would work well, too. It depends on your own coloring and preferences.

What's the difference between not wearing lipstick and nude? Color and definition. You may wear Chap-Stik or some other lip balm that you think gives your lips a soft shine, but that fades about 5 seconds after you apply it. Take a photo of yourself with that on your lips. Now. Try a moisturing lip stick in a nude color and take a photo. Now, put on a lovely red lipstick and take a photo. Compare the pictures. I rest my case. 

Go play at the lipstick counter and try all the different colors. Take a selfie of each color. Compare them and see which color you like best. Don't let the sales girl sell you what she thinks is your best color. It should be a color you like the looks of, not what they think you should be wearing. Sales girls make a lot of assumptions about colors as you approach them according to your hair color and clothing. They are not always trained as well as you would like them to be either. They may be trying to push sales on the new line of colors, when an older color might actually be your perfect color. They will try to help you, but remember sales is ultimately their final interest.

My experience: I tried a lip plumber (City Lips), a night cream (L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal) and an age control serum (Clarins Double Serum). The night cream and the lip plumper I have been quite faithful to use for a couple of months and the serum sporadically. I have seen my lips go from skinny, flat line, wrinkled lips to plumper, rounder, much less wrinkled, younger looking lips. I don't have grooves in the edges of my lips anymore. I'm not saying my lips are as smooth and plump as when I was 20, but they have improved greatly. It had gotten to the point of not wearing lipstick because my lips were disappearing! Now I have lips again, and they are much smoother than they were. It didn't happen overnight. It took time and care. I find that putting on the lip plumper about 15 minutes before I put on my lipstick not only plumps up my lips, but it holds my lipstick in place as well. No bleeding.

What have you tried to revive aging lips and how has it worked? Share your stories @

Enjoy your weekend and see you right back here Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Holiday Ideas for Gifting and Wearing! T'is the Season!

Over50Styling! Christmas gifting and getting ideas for those who love those rich ruby red tones! Holiday Wish List 2015 Ruby Red
And for your next holiday house party, I've got three more great looks to be relaxed and remarkable in!

This first one could come straight from that wishlist up there with its ruby red accessories! Teal and ruby are lovely together at any time, but at Christmas they really seem to sparkle. The slim metallic slacks and teal crystal dusted top make for a long, lean look. The pops of ruby at ears and toes and fingertips makes it all come alive! It's all very basic. It's in the richness of each piece that the look really stands out.

This look in black and silver will catch all eyes this season! Slim silver slacks and a black and silver striped shell under a black kimono style jacket. Sleek black patent pumps and a silver and black brocade clutch. Top it all off with the sparkle of lovely dangly diamond earrings.

This third look in sequined gold leggings and a royal blue chiffon tunic blouse is another eye catcher. Open toed patent blue heels and a gold clutch add interest. Blue shimmer stone earrings keep the color going.

And more gifting and getting goodies for under the Christmas tree this year. This time in black and gold, always a favorite and stunning combination!

So whether you're going to a party, shopping for loved ones or giving a special someone gift ideas for you, there's something here for you!

I look forward to Friday and the Weekend Forecast! What will your weekend hold?
Judi and the Blue Cat

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Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2016


It's that time of year that Pantone announces its Color of the Year for the upcoming year. Well, this past weekend we got to see the new color. Except the new color was two colors! Pantone announced Serenity (pale blue) and Rose Quartz (light rose) as the two colors for 2016. They are to create a balance between cool and warm and bring a sense of peace and order. I think this is Pantone's bid for World Peace. Everyone does their bit. Who knows, maybe if everyone showed up at the peace talks wearing shades of rose and blue, it just might help soothe them a bit and bring some sense of order.

Well, let's take a look at how you can look amazing today, Monday! Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2016
Start with a blue pencil skirt that zips up the front and a tailored  sleeveless blouse in the same blue. Top that with a pretty pink cardigan with a floral panel inside. Blue suede pumps and a pink handbag continue the palette.And lovely blue earrings add some sparkle.

I flipped the colors in this outfit. The pencil skirt is pink and the blouse is blue with sheer sleeves. The sweater is oversized in rose. Croc textured heels in pink and a metallic blue handbag do it for the color palette again. A multicolor scarf in the pink and blue palette adds some interest. And the frosted blue earrings add shine.
A pink 3/4 tank dress and an open knit blue sweater are the combination this time. Pink suede flats with an ankle strap and a palest blue handbag are the choice here. No earrings this time. A statement necklace to fill in the scoop neckline and a pretty complimentary bracelet finish the look.

It's an easy color palette to work with because it's one we're really familiar with from our earliest memories. Babies, boys and girls, the colors of innocence. It's appealing, too. It's also one that can get very pale and washed out if you're not careful. Check your mirror. If it needs a dash of color or brighter lipstick, don't hesitate to add it! Combine them with other colors for a more vivid look. I've only shown you the two colors themselves. We have a whole year coming up to explore them with other colors!

Wednesday I'll be showing your more Wish Lists and more Holiday Party Wear! I've already been to my first holiday party! Have you? I wore black and copper with rose gold in a festive but comfy outfit to a house party for Charley's coworkers. What did you wear? Did you wear Christmas colors?

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Weekend Forecast is Windy!


I'm listening to the wind whip around outside as I write this and the weather man has forecast more for the weekend. So I guess it's fair to say the fashion forecast is windy as well. I like to dress in things I can wrap around me when the weather is like that. These outfits give you just that. Ponchos and wraps are great for snuggling into on cold winter days. And yes, it is cold, winter like weather out there when the thermometer says 37 degrees. Weekend Forecast 1
Straight leg jeans and a black and bronze poncho with a scarf tied at the neck. You have your choice of what to wear underneath, which isn't really going to show. I have a bunch of scoop necked long sleeved jerseys that I use under such things that work well. If you're a turtleneck or mock turtleneck person, those would work. Even just a tee shirt would work. It just needs to be something close to the body to keep drafts out. Step into dark chestnut ankle booties. Rose gold and bronze go well together, so earrings in rose gold were my choice. And a black pebbled bag. The JORD watch I added is the first one that caught my eye when I was looking at their collection to see if I wanted to do their promo. The wood tones are lovely and rich and mixed with the rose gold, it makes a lovely accessory. I think it may still be my favorite from their whole collection.

On dark days, bright colors can lift your mood, so here's a mood lifting, warm combination. Straight leg jeans with a bright red oversized sweater with a rolled edge neckline. Top it with a brightly colored wrap in yellow, orange, red and grays. Red ankle booties and a saddle tan bag with fringe add more interest. Black and red earrings and another great looking JORD wooden watch finish off the look.

This last look is my favorite of today's looks because I love this shawl. The richness of the paisley print speaks to me. So I paired it with straight leg jeans and a grey green sweater shell. Added a green and brown scarf for accent. Light chestnut ankle boots with a feather accent and a green and tan bag look great. Finish the look with green and brown earrings. The final touch here is JORD's zebrawood and maple watch. The woods are rich enough to stand up to this lovely paisley print! All in all, it's a fabulous look for a cold, windy weekend day or any day you want to snuggle into your clothes and look great doing it! Stylin' it windy!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have your shopping at least started. Mine's all done, now. I need to wrap up the things for Charley's birthday on the 14th and then start wrapping gifts for Christmas so that when we put the tree up on the 14th, I'll have something to put under it.

What strategies do you use during the holiday season to keep yourself going? Share them with me so that I can share them with everyone. Send them to judieasley@gmail Subj: Holiday Strategies!

See y'all Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

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Holiday Wish List 2015

Holiday Wish List 2015

I am being compensated with one of JORD's products for my participation in their Holiday season. Go to to see more of their products.

It's Holiday House Party Time!


Between now and the first of the new year, we attend more parties than at any other time of the year. The best ones are the parties at the home of friends. They are full of good food, good conversation and good cheer. They are comfortable to go to and you can wear comfortable clothes. Not casual, but comfortable. So let's take a look at these three outfits. Holiday House Party I
Slim fitting black tuxedo slacks with a burgundy cold-shoulder top. Black velvet flats with golden butterfly wings and a glittery star bag. More gold accents are found in the gold chain at the waist of the trousers, the gold bracelet and gold earrings. Lots of twinkle there! Dark ruby lips for accent will speak volumes even if you don't.

Tapered black slacks with a dark golden chiffon over blouse. A nude or golden cami would work well under this. Lace might be a pretty touch, too. The jewelry is all in gold and burgundy, as is the handbag. The heels are a touch on the wild side with burgundy, black and animal print. Definitely a look for celebrating the season!

Black tapered trousers again. This time with a champagne toned top that shimmers in candle light. Shoes of a similar tone. Add jewelry of rose gold and a clutch with twinkly stars. You'll really enjoy the compliments this party look will bring your way. And you'll be the shining star! Don't forget to wear a lipstick in a shade a bit brighter than nude to really shine.

And coming up is the weekend! See you then!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Holiday Wish List 2015 for your Girly Side

Holiday Wish List 2015 for your Girly Side

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