Your Weekend Forecast is Sweaters and Scarves


This weekend, be sure to wear a sweater and a scarf to be warm and stylish! And just because it's fall, doesn't mean you have to wear just fall colors! If you love to wear pink, then wear pink. But don't go pale pink and fade into the landscape. Do a bright enought pink to stand up to an electric blue! Weekend Forecast 1
This outfit with its electric blue and pinks works really well in the fall landscape. It won't get lost among all those oranges and reds.

And yellow is a summer or a fall color. Typically the fall yellow is more golden. Here I've used a lemony yellow. Match it with yellow, sort of a Minion matching, I guess. Though I'm sure you won't look like one with a fabulous print scarf and earrings.

And turquoise isn't usually considered in the fall color palette, but here it is. It holds its own in its many shades and tints and a little sparkle.

So, you don't have to limit yourself this weekend to just fall colors. Use the whole spectrum of colors with flair and style!

Enjoy your cozy weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, when we'll all be amazing once again!
Judi and the Blue Cat