Your Weekend Forecast is Denim


And here we are at Friday again. We've made it through another week and have another weekend bonus to look forward to. We're gonna' look great this weekend, too! Denim I
This first look is a classic! A creamy silk blouse under a leopard print sweater. Always a classy look. Midtone jeans and saddle tan suede ankle booties. Gold earrings keep it classic. A color block handbag adds to the mix of tones. Top it with a classic camel wool coat and tie on a warm toned plaid scarf.

A bit more casual and funky! A cobalt blue blouse with a cobalt and gray shawl. Dark toned jeans. Cobalt flats with a dark gray ankle strap. A silver bag adds some shine. Medium gray wrist warmers and a long baseball style wool coat. A winged ear cuff for more fun!

And this seems to be my favorite color combo lately. I picked out yarns in this combo to work with recently. And I find myself reaching for pens and pencils in these colors in my art as well. Maybe a seasonal thing?

This blue green and green blue combo really works well. Midtoned jeans and an oversized sweatshirt fabric top. Tie on a green and blue plaid scarf to fill in the neckline and top it all with a bulky cut wool coat. Step into suede pointed toe flats in a pretty green blue and grab a sadle tan bag to go. Pretty green and blue earrings brighten it all a bit.

So where will you go and what will you do in your denim look this weekend? I'll be going to the orchard to get the last of the Honey Crisp apples. Their season is almost over and we love to have them while they last. Then stop at the grocery store for some Halos! Those tiny little oranges that are so sweet and easy to eat!

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I start as soon as Sarah's birthday is done in September. I text everyone I shop for to send me ideas and I start marking up catalogs for Charley to look at. Then I do all my shopping on line. I don't have much left to do at this point. My list is almost finished. With Charley's birthday on the 14th, just before Christmas, I have to consciously buy separate things for him. I need to check on wrapping supplies to see what we need. And this year, I'm going to seriously try to get my cards sent out. I haven't done that the last couple of years. Are you a shop ahead type or a last minute shopper?

Looking forward to sharing with you on Monday. Next week you'll see the start of the build up towards the holiday clothes. I'll be using the Wednesday posts for outfits for house parties and more formal entertainments. This will lead up to New Years Eve when we will all kick back and relax over a sip of champagne with good friends.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris these days.
Judi and the Blue Cat