Your In-Office Buffet Luncheon Style


Good Morning! Sorry, I'm a bit late this morning. Too much to do yesterday, so today suffers. My theme today is your office luncheon. You know the type. It's in the office and everyone brings something to share. Everyone takes lunch at the same time. The artsy homemaker in the office decorates the table and usually buys all the paper products so they have a nice theme going. The guys usually buy the beverages or bring salads. All the women bring hot dishes or delicious desserts. The boss usually makes a brief speach and then everyone eats and is convivial. Then it's right back to work.

You want to look great for the party part of the day, but you still have to work. So what do you wear? I'd say wear regular office wear, but step it up just a bit either with nicer fabrics, more intense colors or just add some richer accessories. You don't have to go all out for this sort of party.
The Office Luncheon
A great sheath dress with a fabulously intense pattern to it. Add a dark teal sweater and bright aqua scarf for accent. Black heels covered with nubs add a fabulous touch. The teal bag still carries all your daily paraphenalia. The earrings add sparkle. This could be a step up from your daily office wear and make you feel festive in your normal office setting.

Or, you could try look #2, if your usual office look is separates. A textured dress and a beaded sweater in a lighter tone. Add a statement necklace and suede ankle booties in a rich teal. A small silver clutch will add more shine. Very workable and yet a touch festive with the shimmer of pearls and stones.

And, if you are usually the lady in black in the office (along with 75% of the rest of the office), brighten or lighten it up for the party. This lovely print sheath dress with the asymmetrical sweater makes a great party look. Add pearls at your ears. Pale gray open toed ankle booties and a bright pop of pink for a bag. Certainly a festive look for an office luncheon for the lady in black.

On Friday, I'll have your Weekend Forecast and next Wednesday, I'll have another Holiday Party Wear look for you to use through the season. For those of you in the U.S., I wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day. For those of you in Paris and other places in this world that bring you into peril, my prayers are with you.
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