Your Amazing Monday Looks!


Good morning and are you ready to start another amazing week? I thought we'd start it with a cup of coffee! So, if you're prepared to be amazing, let's go. Caffeine on Monday Morning
The first cup is black with sugar. And this is just the sweetest look going, too. The dress is fitted. But it's not another snug knit. It's well tailored to fit your figure. I topped it with a sweet winter white wool coat and brown accessories.
The second cup is a medium roast with rich golden tones to it. Accented with an animal print and deepest brown wool coat. I added citrine earrings and a golden D&G handbag for shine.

And the last cup is a lovely mocha with caramel colored ankle boots. Black handbag and earrings along with a plaid scarf in all the coffee shades accessorize it. It is topped by a shadow animal print wool coat.

Hope you enjoyed your coffee this morning!

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat