You Can Look Amazing on Monday!


Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend in your casual denim looks. I got my Honey Crisp apples. We've been enjoying them just cut up with raisins and walnuts as a fresh side dish. No dressing, just natural. The apples are so wonderful, you just don't want to disguise the taste at all. And I got a crate of Halos, so I'm all set for the week. I love the juicy sweetness of them. So tiny and neat to eat, too!

Are you ready for some amazingly good looks this morning? Well, here we go! Monday I
This first look started out with the camel faux suede skirt and turquoise blouse. I was thinking Southwest colors initially. But then I saw the fabulous floral heels and they changed the tone of the outfit immediately! Too fun! I added on the light turquoise handbag. Then I did red and turquoise stone jewelry to bring in a bit more of the color of the shoes. You'll get lots of compliments on this look! Just don't forget to wear your red lipstick so that the outfit doesn't overpower your own look.

That saying about "the outfit wearing you or you wearing the outfit" applies in this situation most definitely. Define your mouth so that people see and hear you. You don't want to be just a walking outfit, or worse, totally invisible.

This second look is a bit more subtle than the first. The black croc patterned leather skirt and light blue striped blouse make a great pairing. The cobalt ankle booties brighten it up a bit and touch off the color in the earrings. The earrings echo the stripe in the blouse - they look like long stripes! The bead bracelet echoes the earrings. The color blocked bag ties it all together. 

And this last look starts out with of all things, a white blouse. The basis of all wardrobes, the ultimate staple. Add a ruby leather skirt. A rose colored clutch with gold chain strap. Dark red jewelry for color. And quilt block patterned colorful stilettos for fun and color! These will certainly get comments and looks. So, even though all eyes will be on your legs in this outfit, be sure to wear your red lipstick with this outfit as well. A white blouse tends to draw color from your skin. Defining your mouth with your red lipstick will keep you from losing too much color.

So, are you ready to go out and amaze the world today? Or did this help you plan an outfit for some other day that you need to amaze? Share your amazing outfits with me at

Don't forget, Wednesday I will start talking about holiday party looks. This week, it will be how to look great in the office for a lunch time party. What other types of holiday parties do you go to throughout the season between Thanksgiving and New Year?

See you all Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat