Three Great Looks for an Amazing Monday!


Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend looking great in your sweaters and scarves! I sure did! Sarah wore me out looking for holiday decor for her apartment and art for her bare walls. So now her walls aren't bare and it'll be a very decorative season on the third floor!

And for this morning, I have dresses! Today is our first real frost, so I have warm dresses and dresses that overlook the cold!  First Frost
This first one will be nice and warm! A long knit dress with a long chunky sweater and a long wool wrap coat. Who wouldn't be snug against the cold in that? And looking great as well with the touches of red against the monochrome gray! If you wanted warmer, you could change the pretty bowed pumps for ankle boots.

This look will certainly overlook the cold if you're not warm enough in this drop-waist dress and wool coat with ankle boots. It's so elegant, it begs for an occasion to be worn. If you wanted more warmth with this one, I'd change out the pretty violet ankle boots for over the knee boots and add leather gloves for a military air.

This third look is rather light on warmth, so make sure you're being dropped at the door and won't have to walk anywhere. Or change out the tuxedo coat for a heavier wool coat and add gloves and a hat for a much warmer ensemble. But once you get where you're going, this wonderful dress with its deep plummy color and leather edging will catch many eyes.

Are you all getting your homes ready for the holidays ahead? Are you getting your gift shopping done? Not started yet? What tricks do you use to get through the holiday whirl with your mind intact? Share your thoughts with me and let's see if we can come up with a holiday survival list to share!

Here's hoping you enjoy your Monday and as always, look amazing! I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.
Judi and the Blue Cat