Leather Pants Three Ways on Wednesday


Do you ever hear anyone say "Dress your age?" What exactly does that mean these days? Does it mean you have to stop wearing stylish clothes and look like a 50 year old woman of someone else's mindset? Well, I don't think we really dress our age so much as we really have reached an age when we can dress our selves. And that is really exciting! That's not to say that some of us can't still use some guidance in style, but we should know ourselves quite well at this point and should be able to reveal more of ourselves in how we dress. This is when fashion and style really become fun!

So let's have some fun with leather pants. They've been trendy for several years now, but how many of you have a pair or have even tried on a pair? Is it the price of them the keeps you from them? How about faux leather? There are lots of those out there at a wide range of prices. Leather is one of those items you need to take the whole outfit into the fitting room to play with in front of the 3-way mirror and take selfies. Or get a very trusted personal shopper to help you with them. Leather 1
This outfit is a touch glamourous with the off-the-shoulder sweater and the animal print scarf, but it's not over the top. It could still go anywhere you want to. You could also change out the heels for some flats or lower heels with a similar look. The heels are black, gray and beige on a white ground. They keep things interesting and don't let the look get heavy. So if you're going to substitute other shoes, be sure to keep that interest in the look. Do not just sub a pair of plain black or gray shoes. It'll make the look heavy and drab.

This second look certainly isn't drab or heavy looking, is it? With all that bold orange? This is actually a short dress, but so short that I think it works well as a tunic with leather pants. And these fabulous orange booties? How about those? Again, I know, the heels. But I couldn't resist showing them to you. Lower heels or flats would work as well. I'd stay with the orange, because that's my take on the look, but you might like to go with the lipstick red, sunshine yellow or mint green. You could also add more of that color by changing the color of the scarf. With the orange being so predominant, I chose the white to cool the look.

This third look got started with the lovely ankle booties. I know, the heels again. I just can't seem to resist them, even though I can't wear them myself! But studded pumps or flats would work as well. This outfit has a bit of richness to it with the traditional black and burgundy combination. Add to it the ombre sweater and the trim on the blouse. The color blocking of the handbag adds more richness. Then the earrings look like tiny stained glass windows.

So, will you try on leather pants or leggings the next time you see them in the store? Or do you have a pair tucked in the back of your closet you haven't figured out how to wear yet? Now you have some ideas to get them out of mothballs! Leather is not just for younger women. Leather is for any woman who decides it looks good on her! Style it right and be yourself!

Is there something in your closet that you can't figure out how to style? Send me a photo and I'll see if I can help. judieasley@gmail.com 

Looking forward to sharing denim with you on Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat