It's Your Weekend Forecast on Black Friday


I hope you've all recovered from your indulgence of turkey and stuffing yesterday? It was all delicious, wasn't it? Ah, what a day to be thankful for.

If you are off to Black Friday shopping, you are probably already out there. If you aren't going to the mall or stores today, then, good morning and here are three great denim looks that could take you anywhere on a weekend. Weekend Forecast 1
Skinny jeans and a tunic with pretty butterflies. Pale lime flats and a bright blue clutch. An ivory tasseled scarf and a big blue plaid wool coat. And another touch of lime at your ears.

Straight legged jeans. A bright blue blouse topped by a tan and multicolored print sweater. Bright blue flats with a jewel shaped heel and a nude toned bag. A bright blue scarf and a tan wrap coat. Add a multicolored touch of sparkle at your ears.

And last is a teal print sweater with a plum scarf over straight legged jeans. Asymmetrical earrings for fun. A plum handbag and teal velvet and floral flats for even more fun. All warmed up in a woven plaid blue wool coat.

Which would be your choice? One, Two or Three?

So, no matter what you're doing today, you can look great and feel great too! Denim is always a comfortable fabric. So enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you Monday for some more amazing looks! In the meantime, stay stylin'!

Judi and the Blue Cat