Great Fall Happenings for You


Fall is a time for some really great happenings and some really great clothes. With the harvest season upon us, people everywhere get together to eat and celebrate the harvest. And eat some more. Usually these are casual gatherings, so clothes are casual, too. But with the weather as cool as it is, you need layers, so there's plenty of opportunity to play with style. Wine Tasting
This first outfit would be great for a wine tasting. All these lovely shades of blue! And if it's colder than sweater weather, just add a blue wool coat, and you're stylin'!

This is a great time of year to take walks and see the glorious color of the foliage. Here in New Hampshire, we are a bit past our peak time of season now. But during our peak, it was fabulous this year! The colors were so vivid on the trees and the winds and rain held off until we had time to enjoy it.

This outfit would be great for a fall walk! With that long pink cardi to bundle up in, you're looking great and feeling great, too! Today was a bright sunny day and I was out in no more than this. But if your area is cooler, a pink or gray wool coat would be a great topper for this, something cut quite full and maybe without buttons!

Another really fun fall happening are the art and craft fairs. Once the big regional fairs are done, then we get a ton of little town fairs. These are really fun to browse and shop. You find the most unusual things in fairs. But you also find some of the prettiest things at fairs. Handmade knits and jewelry. And the art work is usually quite good at fairs. Pottery and woodwork are some other things you'll find at fairs. Fairs usually have a sense of whimsy about them. And the food is always good!

This outfit would be great for a fall fair. You could be one of the local artists or artisans with this outfit. It's definitely stylin'! So what fall happenings are you up to this month?

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat