Dresses that take you to Amazing in Comfort!


After all the eating I've done since Wednesday (I have to nibble during the preparations!), I would really like something comfy to wear. And these dresses are comfy because they don't have anything tight at the waist. That's not to say they aren't fitted, but they don't bind or have anything rigid around the waistline. It's all flowy or stretchy for ease and comfort. So let's take a look at some amazing dresses! Monday's Amazing Look
This first one is great for just after a feast day. It falls straight from the bust with just the slightest narrowing through the middle. It's geometric print in neutrals and teal is a great disguise for any imperfections you might be trying to conceal. Add on the wool coat and bright teal scarf with bright teal knit gloves. Step into chunky heeled booties and grab a bag in teal and black pebbled finish. Finish it off with teal earrings. Either nude or black stockings would work with this outfit. You could change out the booties for high boots if you wished, of course.

This second look isn't loose and flowy, but it isn't rigid at the waist. So, if you're still feeling like you just got up from the table, no problem with this outfit.

The long camel sweater dress is totally slimming. Add a scarf that's every shade of beige and brown. Great gold hoops for warm shine. Step into medium taupe booties and grab a honey tan croc textured bag. Warm it all up under a coat color blocked in shades of tan and beige. This is neutral in warm style!

And this third look comes in with the other great neutral, gray, in a dress that flows from the waist to swirl nicely as you move. The coat adds a dash of scarlet to the equation, so let's keep the theme going. Add a plaid scarf with a dash of red and red drop earrings. The ankle booties are black, but the gloves and bag are scarlet for more of the accent. This is definitely an outfit you'd want to wear your reddest lipstick with!

So step out today looking so amazingly great that no one will even consider the fact that you're comfy, too!  Which are you? The geometric? Golden neutral? Dash of red?

Wednesday will be more Holiday Party Wear and Wish List ideas for you and those you gift.

See you then!
Judi and the Blue Cat