Dresses that take you to Amazing in Comfort!


After all the eating I've done since Wednesday (I have to nibble during the preparations!), I would really like something comfy to wear. And these dresses are comfy because they don't have anything tight at the waist. That's not to say they aren't fitted, but they don't bind or have anything rigid around the waistline. It's all flowy or stretchy for ease and comfort. So let's take a look at some amazing dresses! Monday's Amazing Look
This first one is great for just after a feast day. It falls straight from the bust with just the slightest narrowing through the middle. It's geometric print in neutrals and teal is a great disguise for any imperfections you might be trying to conceal. Add on the wool coat and bright teal scarf with bright teal knit gloves. Step into chunky heeled booties and grab a bag in teal and black pebbled finish. Finish it off with teal earrings. Either nude or black stockings would work with this outfit. You could change out the booties for high boots if you wished, of course.

This second look isn't loose and flowy, but it isn't rigid at the waist. So, if you're still feeling like you just got up from the table, no problem with this outfit.

The long camel sweater dress is totally slimming. Add a scarf that's every shade of beige and brown. Great gold hoops for warm shine. Step into medium taupe booties and grab a honey tan croc textured bag. Warm it all up under a coat color blocked in shades of tan and beige. This is neutral in warm style!

And this third look comes in with the other great neutral, gray, in a dress that flows from the waist to swirl nicely as you move. The coat adds a dash of scarlet to the equation, so let's keep the theme going. Add a plaid scarf with a dash of red and red drop earrings. The ankle booties are black, but the gloves and bag are scarlet for more of the accent. This is definitely an outfit you'd want to wear your reddest lipstick with!

So step out today looking so amazingly great that no one will even consider the fact that you're comfy, too!  Which are you? The geometric? Golden neutral? Dash of red?

Wednesday will be more Holiday Party Wear and Wish List ideas for you and those you gift.

See you then!
Judi and the Blue Cat

It's Your Weekend Forecast on Black Friday


I hope you've all recovered from your indulgence of turkey and stuffing yesterday? It was all delicious, wasn't it? Ah, what a day to be thankful for.

If you are off to Black Friday shopping, you are probably already out there. If you aren't going to the mall or stores today, then, good morning and here are three great denim looks that could take you anywhere on a weekend. Weekend Forecast 1
Skinny jeans and a tunic with pretty butterflies. Pale lime flats and a bright blue clutch. An ivory tasseled scarf and a big blue plaid wool coat. And another touch of lime at your ears.

Straight legged jeans. A bright blue blouse topped by a tan and multicolored print sweater. Bright blue flats with a jewel shaped heel and a nude toned bag. A bright blue scarf and a tan wrap coat. Add a multicolored touch of sparkle at your ears.

And last is a teal print sweater with a plum scarf over straight legged jeans. Asymmetrical earrings for fun. A plum handbag and teal velvet and floral flats for even more fun. All warmed up in a woven plaid blue wool coat.

Which would be your choice? One, Two or Three?

So, no matter what you're doing today, you can look great and feel great too! Denim is always a comfortable fabric. So enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you Monday for some more amazing looks! In the meantime, stay stylin'!

Judi and the Blue Cat

My 2015 Wish List

My 2015 Wish List
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Your In-Office Buffet Luncheon Style


Good Morning! Sorry, I'm a bit late this morning. Too much to do yesterday, so today suffers. My theme today is your office luncheon. You know the type. It's in the office and everyone brings something to share. Everyone takes lunch at the same time. The artsy homemaker in the office decorates the table and usually buys all the paper products so they have a nice theme going. The guys usually buy the beverages or bring salads. All the women bring hot dishes or delicious desserts. The boss usually makes a brief speach and then everyone eats and is convivial. Then it's right back to work.

You want to look great for the party part of the day, but you still have to work. So what do you wear? I'd say wear regular office wear, but step it up just a bit either with nicer fabrics, more intense colors or just add some richer accessories. You don't have to go all out for this sort of party.
The Office Luncheon
A great sheath dress with a fabulously intense pattern to it. Add a dark teal sweater and bright aqua scarf for accent. Black heels covered with nubs add a fabulous touch. The teal bag still carries all your daily paraphenalia. The earrings add sparkle. This could be a step up from your daily office wear and make you feel festive in your normal office setting.

Or, you could try look #2, if your usual office look is separates. A textured dress and a beaded sweater in a lighter tone. Add a statement necklace and suede ankle booties in a rich teal. A small silver clutch will add more shine. Very workable and yet a touch festive with the shimmer of pearls and stones.

And, if you are usually the lady in black in the office (along with 75% of the rest of the office), brighten or lighten it up for the party. This lovely print sheath dress with the asymmetrical sweater makes a great party look. Add pearls at your ears. Pale gray open toed ankle booties and a bright pop of pink for a bag. Certainly a festive look for an office luncheon for the lady in black.

On Friday, I'll have your Weekend Forecast and next Wednesday, I'll have another Holiday Party Wear look for you to use through the season. For those of you in the U.S., I wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day. For those of you in Paris and other places in this world that bring you into peril, my prayers are with you.
Judi and the Blue Cat

You Can Look Amazing on Monday!


Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend in your casual denim looks. I got my Honey Crisp apples. We've been enjoying them just cut up with raisins and walnuts as a fresh side dish. No dressing, just natural. The apples are so wonderful, you just don't want to disguise the taste at all. And I got a crate of Halos, so I'm all set for the week. I love the juicy sweetness of them. So tiny and neat to eat, too!

Are you ready for some amazingly good looks this morning? Well, here we go! Monday I
This first look started out with the camel faux suede skirt and turquoise blouse. I was thinking Southwest colors initially. But then I saw the fabulous floral heels and they changed the tone of the outfit immediately! Too fun! I added on the light turquoise handbag. Then I did red and turquoise stone jewelry to bring in a bit more of the color of the shoes. You'll get lots of compliments on this look! Just don't forget to wear your red lipstick so that the outfit doesn't overpower your own look.

That saying about "the outfit wearing you or you wearing the outfit" applies in this situation most definitely. Define your mouth so that people see and hear you. You don't want to be just a walking outfit, or worse, totally invisible.

This second look is a bit more subtle than the first. The black croc patterned leather skirt and light blue striped blouse make a great pairing. The cobalt ankle booties brighten it up a bit and touch off the color in the earrings. The earrings echo the stripe in the blouse - they look like long stripes! The bead bracelet echoes the earrings. The color blocked bag ties it all together. 

And this last look starts out with of all things, a white blouse. The basis of all wardrobes, the ultimate staple. Add a ruby leather skirt. A rose colored clutch with gold chain strap. Dark red jewelry for color. And quilt block patterned colorful stilettos for fun and color! These will certainly get comments and looks. So, even though all eyes will be on your legs in this outfit, be sure to wear your red lipstick with this outfit as well. A white blouse tends to draw color from your skin. Defining your mouth with your red lipstick will keep you from losing too much color.

So, are you ready to go out and amaze the world today? Or did this help you plan an outfit for some other day that you need to amaze? Share your amazing outfits with me at judieasley@gmail.com

Don't forget, Wednesday I will start talking about holiday party looks. This week, it will be how to look great in the office for a lunch time party. What other types of holiday parties do you go to throughout the season between Thanksgiving and New Year?

See you all Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Denim


And here we are at Friday again. We've made it through another week and have another weekend bonus to look forward to. We're gonna' look great this weekend, too! Denim I
This first look is a classic! A creamy silk blouse under a leopard print sweater. Always a classy look. Midtone jeans and saddle tan suede ankle booties. Gold earrings keep it classic. A color block handbag adds to the mix of tones. Top it with a classic camel wool coat and tie on a warm toned plaid scarf.

A bit more casual and funky! A cobalt blue blouse with a cobalt and gray shawl. Dark toned jeans. Cobalt flats with a dark gray ankle strap. A silver bag adds some shine. Medium gray wrist warmers and a long baseball style wool coat. A winged ear cuff for more fun!

And this seems to be my favorite color combo lately. I picked out yarns in this combo to work with recently. And I find myself reaching for pens and pencils in these colors in my art as well. Maybe a seasonal thing?

This blue green and green blue combo really works well. Midtoned jeans and an oversized sweatshirt fabric top. Tie on a green and blue plaid scarf to fill in the neckline and top it all with a bulky cut wool coat. Step into suede pointed toe flats in a pretty green blue and grab a sadle tan bag to go. Pretty green and blue earrings brighten it all a bit.

So where will you go and what will you do in your denim look this weekend? I'll be going to the orchard to get the last of the Honey Crisp apples. Their season is almost over and we love to have them while they last. Then stop at the grocery store for some Halos! Those tiny little oranges that are so sweet and easy to eat!

I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I start as soon as Sarah's birthday is done in September. I text everyone I shop for to send me ideas and I start marking up catalogs for Charley to look at. Then I do all my shopping on line. I don't have much left to do at this point. My list is almost finished. With Charley's birthday on the 14th, just before Christmas, I have to consciously buy separate things for him. I need to check on wrapping supplies to see what we need. And this year, I'm going to seriously try to get my cards sent out. I haven't done that the last couple of years. Are you a shop ahead type or a last minute shopper?

Looking forward to sharing with you on Monday. Next week you'll see the start of the build up towards the holiday clothes. I'll be using the Wednesday posts for outfits for house parties and more formal entertainments. This will lead up to New Years Eve when we will all kick back and relax over a sip of champagne with good friends.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris these days.
Judi and the Blue Cat 

Leather Pants Three Ways on Wednesday


Do you ever hear anyone say "Dress your age?" What exactly does that mean these days? Does it mean you have to stop wearing stylish clothes and look like a 50 year old woman of someone else's mindset? Well, I don't think we really dress our age so much as we really have reached an age when we can dress our selves. And that is really exciting! That's not to say that some of us can't still use some guidance in style, but we should know ourselves quite well at this point and should be able to reveal more of ourselves in how we dress. This is when fashion and style really become fun!

So let's have some fun with leather pants. They've been trendy for several years now, but how many of you have a pair or have even tried on a pair? Is it the price of them the keeps you from them? How about faux leather? There are lots of those out there at a wide range of prices. Leather is one of those items you need to take the whole outfit into the fitting room to play with in front of the 3-way mirror and take selfies. Or get a very trusted personal shopper to help you with them. Leather 1
This outfit is a touch glamourous with the off-the-shoulder sweater and the animal print scarf, but it's not over the top. It could still go anywhere you want to. You could also change out the heels for some flats or lower heels with a similar look. The heels are black, gray and beige on a white ground. They keep things interesting and don't let the look get heavy. So if you're going to substitute other shoes, be sure to keep that interest in the look. Do not just sub a pair of plain black or gray shoes. It'll make the look heavy and drab.

This second look certainly isn't drab or heavy looking, is it? With all that bold orange? This is actually a short dress, but so short that I think it works well as a tunic with leather pants. And these fabulous orange booties? How about those? Again, I know, the heels. But I couldn't resist showing them to you. Lower heels or flats would work as well. I'd stay with the orange, because that's my take on the look, but you might like to go with the lipstick red, sunshine yellow or mint green. You could also add more of that color by changing the color of the scarf. With the orange being so predominant, I chose the white to cool the look.

This third look got started with the lovely ankle booties. I know, the heels again. I just can't seem to resist them, even though I can't wear them myself! But studded pumps or flats would work as well. This outfit has a bit of richness to it with the traditional black and burgundy combination. Add to it the ombre sweater and the trim on the blouse. The color blocking of the handbag adds more richness. Then the earrings look like tiny stained glass windows.

So, will you try on leather pants or leggings the next time you see them in the store? Or do you have a pair tucked in the back of your closet you haven't figured out how to wear yet? Now you have some ideas to get them out of mothballs! Leather is not just for younger women. Leather is for any woman who decides it looks good on her! Style it right and be yourself!

Is there something in your closet that you can't figure out how to style? Send me a photo and I'll see if I can help. judieasley@gmail.com 

Looking forward to sharing denim with you on Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

I Wake Up Like This Every Monday, Don't You?


Yes, it's Monday and you are amazing! How can you be anything else on a Monday morning? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face another styling week. I have some amazing looks for you this morning.
Untitled #2512
This great geometric print dress with a marbleized print sweater makes for an amazing combination. Step into these sky high ankle boots if you dare. The croc bag adds more of the great teal color. And the sparkly earrings add color and shine.

I know I'd love to be able to wear those heels. But I also know I'd kill myself in them in about three minutes flat. So I'm sure there are some wonderful heels in a lower height that will substitute quite nicely. I saw these and just had to use them, just in case one of you can handle these. They are gorgeous! And, of course, by Jimmy Choo.

Here's another fabulous dress topped by a great sweater. I loved the scalloped edge of the sweater when I saw it. One of those nice little details that makes it just a bit special. Again, we have heels that would have my tootsies aching. If you can handle them, good for you. If not, substitute something similar in a lower heel. The two tone gray handbag is very trendy right now. And this works so well with the ombre coloring in the dress. As do the earrings.

And this third look with the richness of paisley and a lovely fuzzy sweater, also with the super high heeled booties. The flirty bow on these booties make them so special. This is something that can be added to a plain pair of booties to get the same look. Just tie a bow with wide grosgrain ribbon and voila!

So strut your stuff today my dears. It's Monday and your are amazing!

See you Wednesday when I will have some great looks with black leather pants for you.
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Creative!


This weekend and possibly the whole next week are supposed to be rainy and cold here in my neck of the woods. I'm not looking forward to it since it interferes with my health. I have fibromyalgia, Raynaud Phenomenon and arthritis, all of which dislike cold and damp weather. So I try to plan to stay busy and be creative when the weather gets like this. Thus, the theme of my outfits. Comfy and artsy. The Studio
First is this outfit that's perfect for dabbling in the studio or lying around the livingroom watching old movies. All soft fabrics that just move with you in varying shades of gray with a touch of navy blue.

This second outfit is great for catching up on your film developing or snuggling up on the sofa with a really good book of about 700 pages and a cup of tea. Again we have the soft, movable fabrics, shades of gray and this time touches of teal.

If you must go out this weekend, you could go to a museum and do some sketching or just sit and people watch. You'd be perfectly comfortable in this outfit with its comfy fabrics. Shades of gray starting from charcoal and fading to white. This time, our accent is blue violet.

So, I hope you enjoy your artsy, comfortable weekend! Let me know on Monday what you did this weekend!

Judi and the Blue Cat

What Do I Do With That?


How many times have you been shopping and seen something that's caught your eye, but you just couldn't figure out what to do with it? Maybe because it's a print that's not what you're used to, a color brighter than you usually wear or a style you haven't really seen much of?

Yup, I've got three such outfits for you. Untitled #2506
Maybe you don't wear a lot of prints or you don't wear a lot of neon green. But this outfit works really well. The rich print in the tunic jacket covers most of the brightness of the neon top, so it's not overwhelming. It's further toned down by the black leggings, scarf and bag. But the pops in the shoes and earrings keep it fun and interesting! If you really can't go the neon green, the bright blue from the jacket would be a wonderful alternative accent color.

With this second outfit, it's the layered tunic that's so different for most of us. It has three thin layers, a tank top look and two long layers. Put over blue gray leggings and the ankle boots in a similar tone, the coral color really pops. This one is flowy and comfortable to wear.

This last one is my personal favorite! Gray leggings and a blue shirt with Uggs. Over that the most cuddly long chunky sweater. This makes me want a rainy or snowy day for an excuse to stay home with a good book and drink tea! I think this is something I'll have to learn how to knit so that I can make it in several color combinations.

Do any of you do that? See things in the stores and decide you could make it better or more numerously? Share your creation stories with me @ judieasley@gmail.com.

I hope you all are enjoying your week so far, and have only good things going for the rest of the week! I look forward to seeing you all on Friday!

Judi and the Blue Cat

Veterans Day 2015

Whether a peacetime or wartime Veteran, when you join the military, you are saying you will give this country up to and including your life in an effort to defend and preserve it's values and freedoms. Thank you, for your service.

Three Great Looks for an Amazing Monday!


Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend looking great in your sweaters and scarves! I sure did! Sarah wore me out looking for holiday decor for her apartment and art for her bare walls. So now her walls aren't bare and it'll be a very decorative season on the third floor!

And for this morning, I have dresses! Today is our first real frost, so I have warm dresses and dresses that overlook the cold!  First Frost
This first one will be nice and warm! A long knit dress with a long chunky sweater and a long wool wrap coat. Who wouldn't be snug against the cold in that? And looking great as well with the touches of red against the monochrome gray! If you wanted warmer, you could change the pretty bowed pumps for ankle boots.

This look will certainly overlook the cold if you're not warm enough in this drop-waist dress and wool coat with ankle boots. It's so elegant, it begs for an occasion to be worn. If you wanted more warmth with this one, I'd change out the pretty violet ankle boots for over the knee boots and add leather gloves for a military air.

This third look is rather light on warmth, so make sure you're being dropped at the door and won't have to walk anywhere. Or change out the tuxedo coat for a heavier wool coat and add gloves and a hat for a much warmer ensemble. But once you get where you're going, this wonderful dress with its deep plummy color and leather edging will catch many eyes.

Are you all getting your homes ready for the holidays ahead? Are you getting your gift shopping done? Not started yet? What tricks do you use to get through the holiday whirl with your mind intact? Share your thoughts with me and let's see if we can come up with a holiday survival list to share!

Here's hoping you enjoy your Monday and as always, look amazing! I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Sweaters and Scarves


This weekend, be sure to wear a sweater and a scarf to be warm and stylish! And just because it's fall, doesn't mean you have to wear just fall colors! If you love to wear pink, then wear pink. But don't go pale pink and fade into the landscape. Do a bright enought pink to stand up to an electric blue! Weekend Forecast 1
This outfit with its electric blue and pinks works really well in the fall landscape. It won't get lost among all those oranges and reds.

And yellow is a summer or a fall color. Typically the fall yellow is more golden. Here I've used a lemony yellow. Match it with yellow, sort of a Minion matching, I guess. Though I'm sure you won't look like one with a fabulous print scarf and earrings.

And turquoise isn't usually considered in the fall color palette, but here it is. It holds its own in its many shades and tints and a little sparkle.

So, you don't have to limit yourself this weekend to just fall colors. Use the whole spectrum of colors with flair and style!

Enjoy your cozy weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Monday, when we'll all be amazing once again!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Great Fall Happenings for You


Fall is a time for some really great happenings and some really great clothes. With the harvest season upon us, people everywhere get together to eat and celebrate the harvest. And eat some more. Usually these are casual gatherings, so clothes are casual, too. But with the weather as cool as it is, you need layers, so there's plenty of opportunity to play with style. Wine Tasting
This first outfit would be great for a wine tasting. All these lovely shades of blue! And if it's colder than sweater weather, just add a blue wool coat, and you're stylin'!

This is a great time of year to take walks and see the glorious color of the foliage. Here in New Hampshire, we are a bit past our peak time of season now. But during our peak, it was fabulous this year! The colors were so vivid on the trees and the winds and rain held off until we had time to enjoy it.

This outfit would be great for a fall walk! With that long pink cardi to bundle up in, you're looking great and feeling great, too! Today was a bright sunny day and I was out in no more than this. But if your area is cooler, a pink or gray wool coat would be a great topper for this, something cut quite full and maybe without buttons!

Another really fun fall happening are the art and craft fairs. Once the big regional fairs are done, then we get a ton of little town fairs. These are really fun to browse and shop. You find the most unusual things in fairs. But you also find some of the prettiest things at fairs. Handmade knits and jewelry. And the art work is usually quite good at fairs. Pottery and woodwork are some other things you'll find at fairs. Fairs usually have a sense of whimsy about them. And the food is always good!

This outfit would be great for a fall fair. You could be one of the local artists or artisans with this outfit. It's definitely stylin'! So what fall happenings are you up to this month?

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Amazing Monday Looks!


Good morning and are you ready to start another amazing week? I thought we'd start it with a cup of coffee! So, if you're prepared to be amazing, let's go. Caffeine on Monday Morning
The first cup is black with sugar. And this is just the sweetest look going, too. The dress is fitted. But it's not another snug knit. It's well tailored to fit your figure. I topped it with a sweet winter white wool coat and brown accessories.
The second cup is a medium roast with rich golden tones to it. Accented with an animal print and deepest brown wool coat. I added citrine earrings and a golden D&G handbag for shine.

And the last cup is a lovely mocha with caramel colored ankle boots. Black handbag and earrings along with a plaid scarf in all the coffee shades accessorize it. It is topped by a shadow animal print wool coat.

Hope you enjoyed your coffee this morning!

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat