Your Weekend Forecast is Warm Wool Coats


And here we have our Friday post and end of the trial of post at any time of day. Starting Monday, I will return to my accustomed 8:00 am posting time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm not sure why I allowed myself to be persuaded that this was even worth trying. I like things on schedule and obviously so do you. So, as of Monday's post, I will return to my normal posting time of 8:00 am my time. I do apologize for any frustration this has caused you while this haphazard schedule was tried.

So, weekend denim and wool coats! That's something those of us in cold time zones can get behind right now. I don't know about you, but I really don't have a coat to match every outfit in my closet. But it is fun to match coats up with the outfits here on the posts to show you the variety of what's available and to make it pretty, of course. I have one wool coat and one down parka. My wool coat is a camel color and my parka is plum. I do have a wool blend that's violet, but I almost never wear that. I guess that should go to Good Will and be replaced by something I'll actually wear. I don't like unwearable clothes in my closet taking up space. I've been clearing out a lot lately it seems.

So, what do we have in today's post? I chose jeans and sweaters or layers. I made these posts more stylish than casual. Though none of them are uptight. Any of them could be for just hanging around the house, too. It depends on just how casual or stylish your own style is. Green Autumn
This first one is the most casual one, I think. For one thing, it's got flats rather than heels with it and that tends to make things more casual, in general. The entire outfit is green with blue denim. I love this green, especially with denim blue. When putting your outfit together, use all the variations of your chosen hue.

Just a quick color theory lesson for reference. A hue is a color - red, yellow, blue. Those are the three primary colors that all other colors are made of. The secondary colors are orange, green and purple. They are made of mixing the primary colors. Then we get the rest of the colors from mixing from there, a little more of this, a little more of that, and voila! Shades are made by mixing in a touch or more of black. Tints are made by mixing in a touch or more of white. Now this is painting class color theory, but it's always the way I reference color, since that's the way I learned color theory, thank you Mr. Albers. 
Blue Gray Autumn
This second outfit is a bit less casual. There's layering, more sophisticated fabrics and styles and heels, plus there's a second color. But you could switch out the heels and spend the day at home just as easily. But if you do have to go out, you have this lovely alpaca coat to wrap up in!
Violet Autumn
And this third look is bright and stylish, but still in keeping with our usual casual weekend look. I mean, what it is after all, but jeans and a sweater with a jacket? Yup! But, that's stylin'!

Enjoy your weekend, however you decide to spend it! Remember, the first issue of Blue Cat Reviewer comes out on November 1st to those of you who have signed up for it. And I will see you right back here on Monday at 8:00am for an Amazing Monday posting!

Stay stylish!
Judi and the Blue Cat